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The completely neoclassical El Arte de Orfeo by Spanish Black Ambient Project Aisuragua out now through the last truly extreme art label Merdumgiriz Records.

Like the best works of the neo-orchestral keyboard interludes and albums that have reigned through the realm of black metal throughout the years, this is a masterpiece of dark emotions. Ghastly pads and post baroque synths lay on top of nature sound effects in romanticist fashion and start an album that takes the listener into a dream of their own making just like the cover image from Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot suggests. Choirs, harps, piano, woodwinds, organ, strings, can all be Heard throughout this vastly dynamic album of ancient grandiosity. Varied in its content and form, the dynamicity and to the point song structures adds a uniquely enjoyable touch to this masterpiece of obscurity. An unexpected fitting addition to the grand palette of Merdumgiriz Works.

Aisuragua is a musical project created in late 2010 by only member: L
2011 saw the self released "Journey Through Misery and Desolation" demo, limited to 33 copies. Later reissued by Xaphan Records. In 2012 Russian label “Rigorism Production” released the mid-tempo Black/Ambient “In The Depths Of The Forest”. January 2013, Ukrainian label "Depressive Illusions Records" released the second more ambient full length: "Undiscovered Frontiers". In March of the same year, Aisuragua released the split called "Absentia Luce" with Wulfheim and Skjaersild through Black Nit Distro. Late 2013 the third album MESMERIZED was released through French “Le Crépuscule Du Soir” label.
This album represents a turning point for AISURAGUA, being a totally ambient and neoclassical album.

Between 2013 and 2015, Aisuragua created the neoclassical album “El Arte de Orfeo”. Merdümgiriz will release this masterpiece, full of refinements and variations in 2017. 






1. Obertura. El Arte de Orfeo 05:28

2. El Bosque y la Ninfa 03:28

3. Las Bodas de Orfeo y Eurídice 03:16

4. Aristeo 05:30

5. La Muerte de Eurídice

03:51 6. Catábasis 05:14

7. Desvanecimiento en el Camino del Inframundo 03:36

8. La Constelación de la Lira 06:12

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