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Yayla Lyrics







Through The Sigil Of Hate


Immortalizing The Nine




Nihaihayat Lyrics




Through The Sigil Of Hate



You ride through the chambers by your infinite will,

and no one has ever glanced past theirs.

Most of them have but seen two of the walls that they are trapped in.

And you are losing your numbers again.

Swirling me still, your sides stillness.

Floating among the steedless gains you heights.

I feel our hatred is what is keeping me alive,

and yet

I know this is my last life.

My soul beholds what it is sparkling to behold,

from the threshold.

Twilight Serpentine inside my integumental fear,

trying to sparkle the black hole, never aware of what it did.

I feel a fire burning still.

Yet I can never show

why I need to shine it through your will.

Your will, it does exist,

Since the direst fall of my last life I started to believe.

You ride me toward an over prospering hell as fiery as the numbers I have lost,

with fewest strength



Emir Toğrul

Summer 2013




Immortalizing The Nine



Within the chains there lies nothing.

If I am burning for nothing is hell.

If I am burning for you are hell.

Every time as certainty drifts away as clearing sky, I become a raven.

I get confused of destination and will.

I interpret their gesture as spears,

and vow revenge after I give them false keys.

Keys to chains that only I can forge.

Keys to chains that I hope are keeping me alive.

Keys to chains that I hope are what I can only love.

Keys to chains that I hope I love.

Keys to chains that I hope are tearing me away.

Keys to chains that I hope will make you flee.

Keys to chains that I hope will make you stay.

Keys to chains that scorch the vision of us.

Keys to chains that tell me I am nothing.

Stay nothing.

Say nothing.

Bleed nothing.

Live nothing.

Love nothing.

Nothing is worth.

Nothing will last.

But the chains I forge.

I would die crying if I believed my chains would materialize keys.

But I always bury it, not I?



Emir Toğrul

Fall 2012



Lyrics by Emir Togrul edited by Deanna Fong