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Suffering, Fear, Lucifer



Fuck You Vermin

I Love Torturing Defenseless Creatures and Eating Them

Whenever I See a German Girl, I Want To Infect Her Genes With My Worthless Semen and Mock Her With A Swastika

Middle East Should Be Wiped Out The World, Kill Us Too If You Have To

Murder Citation Guide

War Is A Political Language

If They Are So Equal, Then Why Aren’t They Better?



Emir Toğrul - Drums and Vocals

Ruhan - Lyrics

Merdümgiriz - Guitars and Vocals

© Emir Toğrul | 2015


Concept and Materialization by Emir Toğrul

Performed by Viranesir in 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Emir Toğrul


Poetry by Ruhanathanas | 2014

Art by Emir Toğrul | 2014

Release Date: 9 February 2015
CN: RUH018

Playing Time: 27:54












Viranesir | Suffering, Fear, Lucifer CD

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Viranesir | Suffering, Fear, Lucifer Cassette

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