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Satanic Mosque














Emir Merdümgiriz - Vocals, Production

Young Ouzo - Music and Vocals on 1st track

Nick Noro - Music on track 2, 4, 5

MC Astaroth - Music on track 3

Scott Vogler - Lyrics on track 3

© Emir Toğrul | 2017


Satanic Mosque by the controversial Turkish band Viranesir is out now on Merdumgiriz Records.


You might ask, what the fuck is Viranesir doing a hip-hop album. Well, metal has become so gay and tame with shameless bandwagoning and nobody having the balls to push lyrical boundaries that it is up to the legend himself that he can do a rap album more metal than most pretendu tough guy faggot fake blood vegan metal crowd.


He is dissing bedroom BM faggots, he is dissing LA gangs, he is dissing worthless bitches and talking about Satanic turkish mob life! Fuck the gay music scene, fuck professionalism, we are here to punch throatfuck your moms!


Emir also hates hip hop with its so-called thug life bullshit, being the only legitimate son of an infamous Turkish mobster, he tells about real crimes and thug life where not only cute uzi's and smg's are shown off in bullshit drive-by's near Hollywood, but real beheadings, tanks and bombs go off daily as middle eastern thugs cruise the streets, and how the Satanic artistic mad prince of a mob family used to enjoy his spoiled life and abusive power.


With all the music stolen from other artists like a true hip-hop album, this album is available for free download alone.


VIRANESIR birthed itself as an experimental musical project created by YAYLA mastermind Emir Toğrul. Originally intended as the solo project of the fictional main character in the film "Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty". The project has released 11 full-length albums and a split since its inception, ranging from psychedelic synthpunk to experimental death metal.
As I said, there is no fucking merch for this album. Fuck off I got work to do.










Infernal Faggot Abuse (ft. Young Ouzo)

Worthless Bitches And Turkish Mob Life (ft. Nick Noro)

Sandnigger From Hell (ft. MC Astaroth)

Satan's Gangstas (ft. Lycantropic Werewolf & Nick Noro)

Prince Of Adana (ft. Nikki Bread)

Trailblazer Trickster


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All rights reserved. © & Ⓟ Merdümgiriz 2015





Infernal Faggot Abuse (ft. Young Ouzo)


In this mosque of disgust, 
We parley in the pulpits with sacrificial cats 
Cut their guts out, 
And bring about the gay slaves. 

We chop the cats' hearts to shreds, 
And feast on their eyeballs 
We inject the slaves with drugs and give them blunts, xanax, soda and vodka 

This is how the party goes in Adana, 
Satanic sacrifice in house of god, 
Bring the devil into a holy shrine 
And make the slaves give us sexual gnosis 

Most people in our ritual don't know what the fuck it is about, 
But they give me their consent 
Because I am the son of the king 
And they have to obey. 

I can see it in the eyes of some kids, an actual glimpse... 
But they don't understand what I see. 
How can they ever understand... 

And the rituals begin!!! 
Inject the faggots with opiates! 
The hope dies in the slaves' eyes. 
We pay them good money, 
But if they try to run, their families die! 
All the motherfucking time, 
Its fine, don't worry about it… 
Just keep on fucking and hail the Lord!



Worthless Bitches And Turkish Mob Life (ft. Nick Noro)


I'll let you in on a little secret now, 
I'll tell you how we run the game. 
And how your gangs are shit 
And how I am the real deal 

I remember when I was in high school, my dad's crew used to call me over to their hangout to try some bitches out and rate em for them. 
It was free fucks so why not? 
They used to set the house up for a party, cigarettes, booze, weed and leave me be with the bitch. Always used to tell the bitches that it was going to be my first time. 

I remember this one time the bitch started showing me pictures of her boyfriend and telling me about their relationship. What a hoe right.. I showed her pictures of mine and did the same. 
I remember this one time a bitch and I became really close, turns out she asked my father later if she could perhaps date me... 

I remember this one time a ukranian bitch came who was the wife of a known thugster. I fucked her and my dad killed her husband later, than she had all his money and became a dominant bitch in our town. 

I remember I used to go to Sin City Baku with my dad to do business, 
His associates used to bring 20 whores and we used to choose.
My dad made sure I always chose first, because he loves me and wants me to have a lot of fun! 

I remember this one time the bitch fell in love with me, then fucked me for free for the rest of the trip. 
She also invited a friend of hers to fuck my buddy for free as well. 
We fucked their brains out, and he left before I did. 

Then the bitch started getting obsessed with me, so daddy said take care of it boy. Didn't wana get my hands dirty so I gave the job to some really horny guy who told me he fucked her before and after the ordeal haha. 

You have to pay me and my old man our dues. 
Or the Devil will breathe down your neck. 
Can't run no tables 
Can't run no drugs 
Can't run no hoes 
We will fuck you 
Don't fuck with us, we run this town. 

Our gang is the rebel armies, 
We bribe them free health services 
And they protect us and let us run whatever we want 
So shove your little LA "gangs" up your ass 
Our gangs is the armies of islam 
We manipulate them, in the name of Satan 
In the name of Lucifer Lord.



Sandnigger From Hell (ft. MC Astaroth)



This is the sandnigger all the way from the piece of shit muslim slums of the desertass turkey, where people suck, 
But the good thing is theres a lot of room for rape, and a lot of fun, murder, torture, animal abuse, female abuse, thats what its all about, having fun in this short ass fucking life 

No one can keep me down. 
My dads a gangsta I dont go to jail, cos he got the money and power in a corrupt society. 
And he spoils his prince, to do whatever the fuck he wants, and I serve my lord Satan. 

As fate would have it I see you standing alone just outside the bar Made no mistake you saw us a perfect fit First things first girl slide into my car Easy as that, they call me “The Breeze” I sweep em up, feel em up, nothing short of ease. Not even this classy cunt resisted my cold hard stare And I could not resist her thighs, so bare. So I say I love you, but just for the night babe Just for this night I’ll tug on your hair Slap that ass turn you good and pay you a fare But just for the night, babe, I love you, I crave. 

A faint wall of resistance with a deadly glare It’s all I could do to resist my cave dwellers intentions This fair lady in my piece of shit car with no conditioned air It’s 1000 degrees now, her sweat, my motivation “Pull over” she demands correct to my point I’m hard, so hard, pull over I can’t “Pull the fuck over” not just now, so moist. 

Speed mounts in what’s left of my engine, “I can’t” Evil red fills my hungry dead eyes Her struggle for freedom a tease what’s next “Oh I’m just one of the guys” She see’s through my lies her excitement is hexxed So I say I love you, but just for the night babe Just for this night I’ll tug on your hair Slap that ass turn you good and pay you a fare But just for the night, babe, I love you, I crave 

and will make you share Those perfect tanned breast they’re mine so mine Your struggle grows only excites me You’ll not soon forget when you met this creep 

A creep that loves you with skills I am honing Honing on you babe I see your big dreams Hold on to them tight I’ll bust your tight seams Hello my dolly, hello my night time gal Did I say that I love you, but only through this hell So I say I love you, but just for the night babe Just for the night I’ll tug on your hair Slap that ass turn you good and pay you a fare But just for the night, babe.


Lyrics by Scott Vogler



Prince Of Adana (ft. Nikki Bread)


Dosed by bitches cheap as fuck, some free, some don't have pimps so I beat em. 

Adana is my hometown, and I am its prince. 

All dem niggaz talking about LA, fucking war is here ISIS in my turf, thug life my ass. Talk compton to the kids, AK bullets are my breakfast spice. 

Adana is my hometown, and I am its prince. 

This city, taught me many things, like to not care about feelings, that everyone is worthless, and women are cheap . 

My name is Emir, it means prince. My dad is the devil himself, he runs a ruthless gang. Our surname means phoenix, I am also a Satanist. 

Adana is my hometown, and I am its prince. 

I started selling dope at age 12, even though we had millions of dollars, I wanted to have fun. then my dad found out and slapped me, told me that shits for niggers, gave me a gun and started ordering deaths. We used to celebrate with raping girls. 

Me and my friends used to play GTA and munch, they used to call our fringe the grocery store. When we were bored we used to go to the projects with my gun and make the poor kids take off their clothes and piss in on each other. Was a lot of fun. 

Adana is my hometown, and I am its prince. 

I moved out of that town because I am an artist and those muslim retards don't appreciate art. But I sometimes go back and have lots of fun with my dad we still fuck cheap whores and scare poor people.



Satan's Gangstas (ft. Lycantropic Werewolf & Nick Noro)


The cockroach speaks sandnigger and says bitches should be put to their place. 
No need for white men in my turf telling me how to live but I hate niggers as well. 

Bitches should never be given more right than they deserve so as niggers. 
They will extort pride and ask for seconds, cos they ain't got pride themselves. 
They think it is something that can be taken from others, like bitches. 

A guy like me makes them drink my cum like a boss. 
Never listening to any voice but my own. 
Its true I sometimes make vengance a piece of art. 

And I say, No man amongst you is fit to judge... 
Your rituals are empty oaths you neither understand nor live by. The Great Architect speaks to me. He is the balance where my deeds are weighed and judged... not you. 

A guy like him makes them drink his cum like a boss. 

Satan is my guide through life as I indulge in singularity. 
The event horizon is my morality, I am over it already. 
I execute the human barracades clandestine. 
This book of Satanic isolation, is my gift for you who wants to break the chains. 

One day you will thank me as you become a soldier in our army.
The army of true thugs, 
Satans Gangstas.



Trailblazer Trickster


Dude, your designs suck, and you suck too. Your girlfriend has ugly hands, sausage fingers on her toes. And she keeps posting it on instagram. 

I fucking hate you both, 
You guys are vegans 
Preaching from your high grounds, 
And I think you guys fucking would vote for Hitler, if you were in the fucking 30ies Germany thinking that'd be the right thing to do. 

And you guys would blame others for not doing so 
Just as you're blaming others for eating meat today. 
Cos you guys dont have opinions of your own. 
You just pretend that you do 

When you have a new child 
That you're gona fucking preach all this fucking bullshit to. 
I wana get that child in my room 
And baptize him in a black metal setting 
Gouging his eyes out 
I'll gouge his eyes out. 
And see Satan in the process boy. 

What I do is nothing short of genius, 
yet they all get offended 
They act like they don't get offended 
But you see they do get offended. 
offended because you envy the attention I get for it. 

They call you edgy as if it was supposed to be hurtful? 
Well yeah, I am edgy, this is art it is supposed to be edgy. 
You're screaming like a maniac and playing low-fi music, yet I am edgy when I talk about this and that subject? 

Ha Ha, you wish you could do edgy stuff eh, but you're afraid. 
Afraid of the bedroom losers like yourself calling you edgy for it, 
Afraid you can't handle the heat, 
Afraid you wont't know what to do with the success. 

Because you are only used to losing. 
Waiting in the limbo of the next boundary push from a brave artist like yours truly. 
To follow the trail I blaze. 
You bedroom losers 

Tricking yourself into your comfort zone by self deceptions of subtlety. 
Pathetic mediocre exaybachays. 
Only blaming yourself for being too much of pussies to do what I do. 


You were so sick of your mom you convinced her with your dad that she was sick in the head. 
Convinced her that if she took her own life, things would work out for all you guys. 
She was pushed to give you guys a date for it and she said two months to enjoy the rest of her life. 

She spent those two months in anxiety and didn't do much, so the time came and she didn't do it. 
You talked with her again saying she was sick in the head and her death would be better for all you guys. 
She said your happiness means more to her than her own and that she promised to do it eventually. 

You bedroom black metal faggots disgust me. 
You program your drums because of lack of social skills, not because it sounds good. 
Your music is mediocre because you subconscioussly want to fail, 

Because losing is your comfort zone. 
Making the petshop rich for your need of company. 
Talk shit about satanists because they are harmless, 
But can't say shit to muslims can you? 
Fuck those sandniggers. 
Burn those mosques, 
Fuck muhammed, 
Fuck allah. 

I will massacre your cats just to make you cry, 
even though I feel sorry for those little fucks because they are sharing the negative energy of your virginity and loneliness. 

I bet you don't even clean the litterbox because "your mind is a mess or you're depressed" and torture those animals with the stink of shit for weeks on end. 

You only have energy to collect welfare checks and record horrid music. 
You will die alone bedroom BM faggot 

I don't call you faggot because of your sexual preference, but because the only thing you ever fuck is the right hand of a male.