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Raping Lesbians For Freedom



Heil Hitler!

Don't Be A Fascist And Tell Us What To Do

I Only Like Jews When They Kill Muslims

Horny Priests

Rape Feminists With Your Words

Child Porn Is Sublimated High Art

Fuck Your Parents, Kill Them, Cook Them Up and Eat Them

I Only Like Gays When They Scream Like The Opposite Sex As I Rape Them

Intolerant National Imperialist Racist Hate Metal Therapist The RAPIST



Emir Toğrul - Drums and Vocals

Ruhan - Vocals and Lyrics

Merdümgiriz - Guitars and Vocals

© Emir Toğrul | 2014


Concept and Materialization by Emir Toğrul

Performed by Viranesir in 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Emir Toğrul


Poetry by Ruhanathanas | 2014

Art by Emir Toğrul | 2014

Release Date: 18 December 2014
CN: RUH017

Playing Time: 44:06












Viranesir | Raping Lesbians For Freedom CD

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Viranesir | Raping Lesbians For Freedom Cassette

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