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Red Bible Black Reviews



Allah Is Satan's Toy


German: Crossfire Metal Zine


Don's Metal Reviews 75/100


Brutal Sedition


Occult Black Metal 8/10



Red Bible Black / Blliigghhtted



Cadaver Garden


Occult Black Metal 8/10







Red Bible Black / Blliigghhtted


Crossfire Metal Zine


Nebenprojekte machen vor allem dann Sinn, wenn sie sich komplett von ihren Hauptbands unterscheiden. Eines solcher Projekte sind Red Bible Black, eigentlich aus Italien, auch wenn Paolo, der Macher hinter diesem Projekt, der für Gitarre und Bass zuständig ist, seit 2016 von Emir Toğrul an Schlagzeug und Gesang unterstützt wird. Dieser ist ein in London lebender Türke, der mit seinem Soloprojekt Layla, welches bereits bei CROSSFIRE mit zwei Reviews und einem Interview vertreten ist, Ambient Black Metal spielt und welcher sogar als Künstler für dieses Artwork verantwortlich ist. Red Bible Black ist allerdings chaotischer Death-/Grind mit kurzen, schnellen Songs. Das Schlagzeug ist dieses Mal zwar nicht programmiert, klingt – vom Sound her – aber ähnlich maschinell. Das stört jedoch nicht, sondern unterstreicht nur die Kälte und Angepisstheit dieses Projektes, welches seit 2011 ein Demo, eine Split-CD und eine Compilation mit beiden Tonträgern veröffentlicht hat. Nun liegt diese EP mit sechs Songs auf Kassette vor. Der Sound ist dünn, die Musik kompromisslos und brutal. Der Gesang pendelt zwischen heiserem Schreien und rausgewürgten, kehligen Growls. Die Musik erinnert etwas an Necrophagia, Beherit und Profanatica, ist aber dennoch eigenständig mit seinen maschinell groovenden, klirrenden Drums. Seltsam und chaotisch, aber dennoch faszinierend, spielen Red Bible Black richtig kranken, eigenständigen Death Metal, der nichts für schwache Nerven ist! Für Underground-Puristen, die auf dünne, kalte Sounds stehen! 


Daniel Muller





Don's Metal Reviews


Continuing to crush the listeners’ souls, Italian death metallers Red Bible Black have turned to the darkest corners of the world to further explore their extreme sound by drafting in Emir Toğrul to help craft the bands’ sonic assault to it’s fullest. Offering up their first new EP release following a series of demos and splits, the new effort was released June 1, 2017 on Merdümgiriz.

From the outset, there’s very little throughout this one that appeals to the rational side of the crowd with the vast majority of the album featuring the same overall approach. The album is essentially a blur of raw, distorted riffing piling out plenty of deep, churning rhythms that makes for a wholly immersive experience. With the album essentially focusing on these issues almost exclusively and basically only changing up the tempo to go for mid-tempo verses or plodding lethargic sprawls for the different forms of variety here which indeed leaves this one with a furious intensity and anger but also quite an obvious flaw throughout it. The fact that everything really sounds the same, not only due to the use of repeated rhythms and patterns but also because of the overall rawness of the project which ends up leaving this one with a muddied sound that can make it indistinguishable what song you’re on during the release. That is somewhat negated by the intensity and energy of the performances but does end up lowering this one slightly.

While still containing plenty of solid, enjoyable elements, the fact that so much of this one is drowned out in the blur of repeated rhythms and a low-fi sounding production does hamper this one enough that it’s really only appealing for fans of the creative personnel involved or aficionados of raw death metal.




Don Anelli





Brutal Sedition


I know I've mentioned this in the past, but Emir Togrul is a very productive man. He makes most other metal musicians look like lazy cunts in comparison. He heads many bands such as Yayla, Viranesir, and Chaoscunt, each one expressing a distinct mood. Red Bible Black is another band he created that follows this tradition. To be honest, when I read the name of this band, the first thing that came to my mind was the hentai Bible Black. I'll let you find information about that yourself. In the meantime, let's focus on the music.


The second wave of black metal didn't just magically materialize into existence, it was created as a reaction to the increasingly sterile and commercial nature of death metal. Emir understands this well. The production has this abrasive buzzsaw quality which gives the impression that their recording equipment was on fire while they were producing this. As for the music itself, the whole experience gives me a Beherit vibe. It's this dark combination of black metal and death metal that is designed to be as hostile and unapproachable as possible.


The drums are all over the place when it comes to speed. One moment they'll be playing simple mid-paced rhythms and the next moment they'll be playing raging blast beats that feature minimalist black metal structures and death metal energy. The vocals are also really diverse. Sometimes he performs sinister growls and other times he performs wicked rasps. Using different vocal styles means that he can express different emotions. The growls express hatred and the rasps express derangement. There are even moments when he performs low-pitched clean vocals that add a surreal element to the performance.


The guitar's main focus here is to create a hostile environment, as I mentioned earlier. He spends a lot of time playing blazing fast shredding riffs that feel like an acidic cloud of unholy spite. In terms of sound and structure, these riffs sound more akin to death metal than black metal. In between all of this, he plays harsh and bitter mid-paced riffs that are sinister and brooding in their delivery. Although these riffs are simple, the overall performance is deadly, and the constant switching between mid-paced riffs and rapid riffs creates a disorienting experience.


I love this release because it shows what black metal was originally about. Black metal is not about fun or partying or hope or joy or any of that other hippie bullshit. Black metal represents nihilistic contempt for all life. Black metal hates you. Listen to this album and let the unholy hate flow through you.


EDIT: I just learned that Emir was not the only one who performed on this album. He merely did vocals and drums and only joined the band recently. P.C. Odio does the rest of the instrumental work. I apologize for this mistake.


Hell Raven





Occult Black Metal


Red  Bible  Black  are  a  band  with  members  from  both  Turkey  and  Italy  that  has  been  featured  before  in  this  zine  and  plays  a  bestial  mixture  of  black,  war  and  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of t heir  2017  ep  "Allah  Is  Satan's  Toy"  which  was  released  by  Merdumgiriz.

  A  very  dark  and  heavy  sound  starts  off  the  ep  along  with  some  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  a  few  seconds  later  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  great  amount  of tremolo  picking  and  blast  beats  can  be  heard  which  also  gives  the  songs  a  more  raw  war  metal  feeling  along  with  some  bestial  growls.

  Throughout  the  recording t here  is  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  dark  sounding  melodies  are  also  used  at  times  and  the  music  also  brings  in a   great  amount  of  90's  influences  while  also  mixing  it  in  with  a  more  modern  feeling  and  samples  are  also  used  briefly  as  well  as  a  few  seconds  of  melodic  singing  and  spoken  words  and  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  synths  are  added  onto  the  closing  track.

  Red  Bible  Black  creates  another   recording  that  remains  true  to  the  raw  style  of  bestial  blackened  death/war  metal  of  previous  releases,  the  production  sounds  very  dark  and  raw  while  the  lyrics  cover  Anti  Islamic/Judeo,  Satanism  and  anti  poser  themes.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Red  Bible  Black  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  raw  war  metal  and  bestial  black/death,  you  should  check  out  this  ep.  




John Larsen





Cadaver Garden


Have you ever had those nightmares that for whatever reason you just can’t seem to escape from? They keep coming back to you night after night after night. The walls close in, everything is pitch black, soon everything seems to quickly be melting around you. You begin hearing maniacal laughter closing in on you and right before you know it you snap awake. You believe that the nightmare is over and that is just the end of it. However, you end up having the same nightmare over and over again night after night and it begins to drive you mad to the point where that is all you think about to the point where your mind snaps. Well, psychotic black metal acts Red Bible Black and Blliigghhtted make sure that with this split that they induce nightmares with this effort.


Red Bible Black is from Italy and Blliigghhtted hails from Turkey. These two bands have come together to create a soul damming split for your enjoyment (demise?). Out of the thirteen songs that are thrust down your throat on this split, ten of them belong to Red Bible Black and the final three belong to Blligghhtted. Both bands have very similar styles, but Red Bible Black is more horrifying and nightmare inducing as they focus more on horror than Blliigghhtted does. Instead of being as horrifying,Blliigghhtted is more of the mind paralyzing and soul burning black metal.


Once you go through the nightmare that is very prominent through the first ten songs, you have to walk through the darkened abyss of the last three. No matter which way you look at it or try to approach this release you will not leave with your soul in tact. It will be torn to shreds, tattered and torn by the time that you are done.


Just like all of the work that the Merdumgiriz label has done and put forth these two bands set themselves apart from the ever darkening and grimy abyss that is black metal. The sound is raw, buzz filled and entirely sinister. Each band sounds like they have been soaking and marinading in evil, raw, pure and pulpy abyssal darkness.


There is nothing quite like being faced with pure Satanic evil in the form of music. Music is meant to make you feel something, and if it does then the band that is playing the music is doing their job properly. The feeling that you end up getting from this split is reminiscent of fear. Both bands assault you without warning and eviscerate your very soul from your body only to leave you strung up like a scare crow as they laugh at your pale face. The way that each band attacks stems from unfiltered blistering riffs, ear drum shattering drumming, a nice thick bass, and tormented screaming. Each band has all of those qualities, but the one thing that Red Bible Black does is incorporate samples of tortured screaming to further instill the fact that you are indeed inside of a nightmare.


The whole experience is exactly that, it is an experience. The experience is one of torture, pain, suffering and utter darkness. You become shrouded in blackened hell fire and succumbed by the purely darkened abyss and there is nothing you can do to escape it.







Occult Black Metal Zine


This  is  a  review  of  a  split  album  between  Italy/Turkey's  Red Bible  Black  and  Turkey's  Bligghhtted  which  was  released  by  Merdumgiriz  and  we  will  start  off  the  review  with  Red  Bible  Black  a  band  that  plays  a  brutal  form  of  satanic  black  metal.

  Their  side  of  the  split starts  out  with  a  very  avant  garde  and  demonic  sounding  intro  that  also  uses  ritualistic  spoken  word  parts  and  a  few  seconds  later  clean  playing  is  added  into  the  music  and  after  the  intro  the  music  goes  for  more  of  a  heavy  death  metal  direction  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  it  brings  in  more  of  a  bestial  black  metal  sound.

  Vocals  are  mostly  bestial  growls  and  blast  beats  can  be  heard  quite  a  bit  in  the  faster  sections  of  the  music  and  the  vocals  also  add  in  a  grim  and  ritualistic  feeling  at  times  while t he  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  the  solos  and  leads  also  remain  true  to  a  blasphemous  style  of  black/death  metal  and  they  also  mix  the  ritualistic,  experimental  and  heavy  parts  together  at  times.

  Red  Bible  Black  plays  a  musical  style  that  takes  the raw  and  bestial  black/war  metal  sound  and  mixes  it  with  satanic  death  metal  and  ritualistic  to  create  a  very  evil  and  blasphemous  musical  style,  the  production  on  their  side  of  the  recording  sounds  very  dark  and  raw  while  the  lyrics  cover  cover  Satanism,  Occultism  and  Anti  Christian  themes.

  In  my  opinion  Red  Bible  Black  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  raw,  ritualistic  bestial  black  metal  and  satanic  death  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  their  side  of  the  split.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Your  Sons  Into  The  Furnace  Of  Baal"  and  "Kneel  Down  To  The  Altar  Of  Moloch".

  Next  up  is  Bligghhtted  which  continues  the  experimental  black  metal  style  of  previous  recordings.

  Their  side  of  the  split  starts  out  with  a  very  fast  and  raw  black  metal  sound  that  uses  a  great  amount  of  grim  screams,  blast  beats  and  melodic  guitar  leads  and  the  songs  also bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  while  the  vocals  almost  get  melodic  at  times  and  most  of  their  tracks  are  very  long  and  epic  in  length.

   You  can  also  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on their  side  of  the  recording  and  as  their  side  of  the  split  progresses  synths  can  be  heard  at  time  and  they  also  take  the  musical  into  an  experimental  direction  and  on  the  second  track  operatic  female  vocals  are  brought  into  the  music  and  on  the  last  track  the  vocals  start  adding  in  death  metal  growls,  depressive  screams  and  an  influence  of  doom  metal.

  Bligghhtted  creates  another  very  experimental  black  metal  recording  with  the  3  songs  they  bring  onto  the  recording  and  all  of  the  tracks  are  very  diverse,  the  production  sounds  very  dark  and  raw  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  and  demented  themes.

      In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great sounding  recording  from  Bligghhtted  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  experimental  black  metal,  you  should  check  out  their  side  of  the  split.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  "Snakes".

  In  conclusion  I  feel  this  is  a  very  great  sounding  split  and  I  would  recommend  it  to  all  fans  of  experimental  and  satanic  black  metal.




John Larsen