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9.10.2017 El Arte De Orfeo by Aisuragua released.
4.7.2017 Allah Is Satan's Toy by Red Bible Black released.
16.4.2017 Satanic Mosque by Viranesir released.
5.2.2017 by Yayla released.
5.1.2017 Supports Flag Burning And Female Raping by Viranesir released.
28.12.2016 Vietnamm by Nick Noro released.
6.12.2016 Malevolent Destiny by Solomonic Demons released.
3.12.2016 Black Noise Plague by Swine Soul released.
31.10.2016 Are You Leaving Everyone? by Sros Lords released.
4.10.2016 Dahmer's Fridge / Untitled by Kindstod released.
1.8.2016 Dad's Choking On My Vomit Of His Semen by Viranesir released.
3.6.2016 Into The Cunt Of The Witch by Blighted released.
28.3.2016 Walking Amongst The Graves by Funeral Of God released.
21.3.2016 The Cold Haunting Loneliness of Crushing Certainty by Grimmdrasil released.
18.2.2016 ...Of Doom & Despair by Funeral Of God released.
10.2.2016 Deus Est Mortuus by Kuu released.
27.1.2016 Crucifucked by Vakslen released.
16.1.2016 The World They Took Over by Show Me Wolves released.
24.12.2015 Kosmoskampf by Blliigghhtted released.
15.11.2015 Firestorm by Solomonic Demons released.
13.11.2015 Temple ov Perdition by Azerine released on tape.
11.11.2015 Hybernium by Grimmdrasil released on tape.
5.11.2015 Red Bible Black / Blliigghhtted split released.
2.11.2015 No Grief by Survival released on tape. The price is 100$.
31.10.2015 Sorrow And Psychomatium Consummate by Sar Nath released on tape and cd.
29.9.2015 Children's Suicide Music: ((Ritual Of (Love) Is The Key)) by Viranesir released.
20.9.2015 You Jewish Bastards by Viranesir released.
10.5.2015 In League With Satan by In League With Satan released.
9.5.2015 Kingdom Venom I by Xaemora released.
2.5.2015 Deep In The Ground by Écorché relesed.
2.5.2015 Fascist Bandcamp statement released.
1.5.2015 Between Man, God And False Idols by Show Me Wolves released.
30.7.2015 Necrotic Minds by Écorché released.
29.7.2015 No Temple by Blliigghhtted released.
28.7.2015 Demiurge Of Gore Abomination by Mincer released.Epilogue Eternal EP by Sar Nath released.
28.6.2015 Fleetwood Mac by Nick Noro released.
22.6.2015 To Rip Is To Worship by TSP released.
27.5.2015 Hapiness by Survival released.
23.5.2015 Freshly Skinned And Left For Dead by Sar Nath released. Sar Nath t-shirts and patches available in the store.
16.4.2015 Kaos Garden by Viranesir released and its free.
31.3.2015 Zeroes by Blliigghhtted released.
21.2.2015 All Merdumgiriz music is now available on cassette tape here.
10.2.2015 Suffering, Fear, Lucifer by Viranesir released.Download for free here.
18.12.2014 Raping Lesbians For Freedom by Viranesir released.Download for free here.
28.7.2014 Shoot On Mom's Corpse by Viranesir released.A short film for the track Not Alone also released.
19.3.2014 Kill Your Repulsive Child by Viranesir released.A short film for the track Love Your Family Like They Fucked also released.
9.12.2013 Two very interesting film analyses for Emir Toğrul's work have been published.Visit the press.
5.12.2013 Store revised.
27.10.2013 Fear Through Eternity by Emir Toğrul released.The film can be streamed at Dungeon Synth and purchased here.
2.8.2013 Axiom Rotting by Emir Toğrul published in Acheron Chroniques.
21.6.2013 Fountain Of Uncertainty by Viranesir released. Listen and purchase here.
27.5.2013 Fountain Of Uncertainty by Viranesir will be released 21st of June. Metal Temple have posted an exclusive stream at this location.
3.4.2013 Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty is finalized. Trailer uploaded.
21.1.2013 Nihaihayat by Yayla released. Listen and purchase here.   Integumental Grasp Through The Sigil Of Hate; Immortalizing The Nine Disguises Of Evil In Senility has been remade to mark the end of the trilogy, experience here.
9.12.2012 Official Merdumgiriz and Yayla Facebook pages are launched. The Vault have been created to feature written material from and about Merdümgiriz artists.
19.12.2012 Nihaihayat by Yayla is to be released 21 January 2013 Can be pre-ordered through the album page.
19.4.2012 The final film of Emir Toğrul | Fear Through Eternity have been completed. Watch Fear Through Eternity Official Trailer online Fear Through Eternity Official Soundtrack on Bandcamp Official Page Of The Film Official Page Of The Album
20.3.2012 Sathimasal is on iTunes and other digital stores, Ruhizolasyon is on Bandcamp
4.3.2012 Official hand painted Yayla T-shirts are now available for order in Store.
24.2.2012 Neverdays by Neverdays is available for free in its entirety for this week. Download here.
20.1.2012 Sathimasal by Yayla released. Listen and purchase here.
8.1.2012 WAR by Mehmet Dikici and Emir Toğrul came to light. Purchase here.
29.12.2011 The works of Ken Muslimovic now available through Merdümgiriz.
15.6.2011 Sigilphosphorescence, Turkish Landscape And Suffering and Portraits Of Inhumanity, Songs Of Innocence came to light. Purchase here.
25.4.2011 official Merdumgiriz | Youtube channel launched.
24.2.2011 In Necromansaverseance by Emir Toğrul came to light. Purchase here.
5.1.2011 Ruhizolasyon by Yayla released, can be purchased here.
Second track from the album can be listened on the official Merdumgiriz myspace.
18.11.2010 Merdumgiriz web under construction. Will be up and running with the online shop in January 2011.First release to be Ruhizolasyon by Yayla.