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Nick Noro




Powerful Words






Powerful Words


This text was written as an introduction to No Grief released by Survival.


basically, this album was recorded by me a few years ago where I used to live (a recording studio). A lot of people don't know that I was illegally plagiarized for years by one of my old bands, or how many times I've gotten ripped off by selfish scenesters or club promoters. My point is, after a certain point in life, I decided to protect my integrity and defend my music because my life depended on it.


So before I recorded this album, I got into a huge car accident- a head on collision. I went to rehab and eventually quit drinking an drugs as a result. But when I went to rehab the band I had been playing with (for several years at that time) kicked me out because I was sobering up. I showed up to one of our gigs and wasn't allowed in - that is how I found out I wasn't in the band anymore.


so about a year later I found the my ex bandmate - who decided to just kick me out with no explanation or verbal communication - and I beat him down with a bike lock. it was because this scene and this industry is full with bullshit and unlike a lot of people in it, I stand up for the truth and refuse to be disrespected or cheated.


so That guy charged me with a felony for assaulting him. I went to jail for a while. I bailed out (at $30,000) and awaited trial. This was the time during which I recorded the album. it was a time I wanted to die and a time I felt alone and doomed - with no substance to abuse, what you hear is raw desperation.


What makes an album great is not the production or song writing, but the honesty of the expression and that's what this album is- a bearing of the dark insides of my heart. I was in pain and fear, not certain whether I was going to go to prison and for how long.


This is a story a lot of artists would be too scared to tell. A lot of artists who make aggressive music would not be willing to fight for it. Alternatively, almost all who defy the sickness and filth of the world will not make it into a recording studio to cut an independent album.


These reasons, more important than the song writing and recording quality make the album great. I'm going to charge $100.00 download


Nick Noro