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Funeral Of God
...Of Doom & Despair


Reflections on Endless Void

Sliding in the Mouth of Hell

Corrosive Divinities of Reality

...In This Mortal Silence

Encrusted Nails of Obsession

Worship Gni-H-Ton

Immolating Will on a Demented Face + Last Futile Exhibition Outro

Hail to Degenerator

Inane Angelic Voice

Son of the Nightmare

Meditation into Erebus

P.C.Odio- Guitars, Bass, Programming

Mariya Popyk - Vocals, Keyboards, Rythm Guitar

Lorenzo Sgariboldi - Bass


© P.C. Odio | 2016

Release Date: 18 February 2016
CN: RUH093

Playing Time: 59:53










Funeral Of God | ...Of Doom & Despair CD

9.99 USD