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Medium Of Truth



Faggot Nation



Statement For The Braindead



Fascist Bandcamp



Axiom Rotting








Our project VIRANESIR which was censored by Bandcamp is now censored by Facebook, our friend Paha Henki’s label PHP have been completely removed from Bandcamp for similar reasons so Merdümgiriz took their artists on. First release to be Dahmer’s Fridge / Untitled by noise act KINDSTOD.


We in Merdümgiriz are not surprised by new censors and censorers as this has caused much scandals in the past that you can read below:




this new avalanche of sudden anathema’s are usual for us, but we would like to just share what happened as a rather messy statement of facts.


Disclaimer: We are believers in freedom of speech. A lot of people misuse the term these days; they aren’t even brave enough to accept the fact that they don’t support freedom of speech. They want to censor people and try to bend the meaning of freedom of speech into including banning and censoring. We in Merdumgiriz have an agenda to enforce freedom of speech as in making censorship illegal. When we say freedom of speech we do not even entertain the idea that some things be prohibited under the guise of being “unsuitable”, but we will talk about that stuff as in what we interpret the censorers to be picking upon henceforth, not that in any way we are defending the value of something being offensive or not. Even a Salafist Jihadist fundamental islamist person in favor of sharia law should be able to SAY anything that they would want to say. When I say SAY I mean SAY not DO. Please don’t twist my words into saying I support terrorist acts. I mean they should be able to SAY that they want to blow places not that they should be able to DO them… There is a big difference between the two. If more people didn’t act like they don’t know this difference maybe then there could be an intervention before action and we believe that there should be strict law’s allowing this sort of freedom of expression and dialogue in every platform possible.




First, “Dad’s Choking On My Vomit Of His Semen” by VIRANESIR is released. There is seemingly nothing “offensive” in the song titles (which is the presumed ‘as we haven’t heard from them’ reason we got removed from Bandcamp), we started promoting it on and off Facebook.


  • - I get a report for one of my posts not matching the Facebook Community Standards, it is removed, I am warned.
  • - I get another for an older post.
  • - I get another for yet an older post. By this point I know they are fishing for excuses to ban me.
  • - I start getting ones for my personal account, for posts that I made over a year ago.
  • My personal account is banned for a few days.
  • - I continue getting it for the VIRANESIR page.
  • VIRANESIR page is unpublished.
  • - I continue getting more and more removals from the far past and my account is banned for 30 days.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.31.34 PM.png


Facebook Community Standards is a vague guise under which they can choose what to include in their system according to their profit, not any sort of guideline or law. They have millions of conflicting cases that they always back up by this vague set of so called “standards”. I’ve read it all, it is basically a guideline written by smart lawyers that can make Facebook include or remove things based on what would make life easier for them. There is no order or guideline only vague terms like “offensive, abusive”. How can an expression be offensive in itself? They remove me for my “unsuitable” satires that they deem offensive. Not everybody is offended by them, but one person being offended is enough for them to remove it. Why not remove Slayer for the lyrics of “Angel Of Death”? Bandcamp does the same thing, millions of neo-nazi bands while the satire of a bisexual sand nigger like me is removed. Both Bandcamp, Facebook and almost all the people that I speak are agreeing that censorship is bullshit, but they go with the flow because the flock of simpleton human beings that run the economy caters to it. This of course breeds bigger problems, and this problem is the elephant in the room of our contemporary society.


What censorship is doing is denying the elephant in the room.


So what is this elephant in the room?


Most people think in dichotomies, good and evil, good and bad, successful-unsuccesfull, right-wrong, pretty-ugly. Nothing wrong with making personal value judgements but the moment one tries to apply them as objective values becomes the problem in which they deem something right-wrong and act upon their limited visions with totalitarian acts. Some people like Paha Henki and me are beyond this sort of thinking. We do not believe that there are good and evil things, but just things.


Most people would think that Pedophilia is “wrong”. I personally would not sexually abuse a person be it minor or adult, but I constantly use it as a metaphor in my songs.


I knew a boy whose mother asked him when he was 10 years old:


“Daddy and I are going to divorce, who are you going to stay with?”


the boy, out of shock responded


“I want to stay with my dad”


the mother responded


“According to law, it is me (the mother) who will decide, but I just wanted to know your preference, so that I can punish you for your wrong choice.”


This is a sort of child abuse that nobody can get incarcerated nor be saved from, this happens everyday everywhere and this is a minor scale abuse. Who is going to deliver this child from his misery but artists like us? This and million other abuses are mataphorised and sublimated into our art in million different ways, pedophilia being one of the many. Taking this at face value and banning us for it is a disgusting denial of this and million other abuses expressed and sublimated by us. Please Googlepsychological sublimation and continue the rest of your life with knowing what that is in relation to art.


The world is utter shit with its first world and third world countries full of both physical and psychological suffering and death, it is not a my little pony world like Facebook or the media shows us, and we are the proprietors of this truth as extreme artists. All of our hands are bloodstained and we accept and express this truth.

They unpublished the Viranesir page, I don’t have high hopes that they will take it back, fuck facebook, I don’t care.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.12.06 PM.png


When my friend Paha Henki got removed from Bandcamp overnight, I told him to write them some very kind letters to see if they respond, as they didn’t even respond to my aggressive enquiries here are the screenshots.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.13.03 PM.png


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.13.25 PM.png


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.13.53 PM.png


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:merdumgiriz:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.14.37 PM.png


Again, another variation of the Facebook Community Standard thing. They are not saying “someone reported you and we did not want to deal with social justice warrior mob” but saying, your art was abusive. Art was abusive LOL.


The real question is, how can one be threatening, abusive, defamatory and all those things they mention THROUGH THEIR ART. Then why not ban all brutal death metal altogether, ban all songs except the ones about positive things? You can differentiate songs about murder and death but when it involves a woman or racial elements it becomes real?


This idea that words are real and should be protected against by censorship is promoting such a dangerous agenda. It is promoting a religious agenda where things that aren’t real become real and a person’s own responsibility about their emotions become nil. As I said, even a Salafi Jihadist should be able to express his views. Action is another thing, and how can it be battled if not through words.


I feel disgusted to even having to write this letter as an artist. I hope some troubled artist will burn themselves in public for being censored and then they will get what we were about.







medium of truth


Metal is the medium of Lucifer. Lucifer is the bringer of light, and light is truth.


There is one truth that Lucifer speaks and that is Evil.


What is evil?


This you should answer for yourself for evil varies from person to person. What is great for me could be nauseating for you and vice versa. This is true more than you might think. And the fact that it is true is the very reason for disparity. Evil is when something causes suffering PERIOD. THAT THING IS EVIL


Everything you do has in it a degree of evil, and there is no regulating it. Stroking a cat to beheading a man is both evil, there is just choice… You may choose whichever to be involved in for yourself. Even a skinner of a man may not think of it to be evil, your evil is not the same as everybody else’s evil.


However there is one truth: that everybody is evil. No matter what you do, you WILL cause suffering. The varying degrees are irrelevant.


You might have the best intentions when stroking your child’s head, but maybe a kid that never saw his mother passing by suffers by your act.


Maybe your own child suffers.


The world is suffering and there is no two ways about it everyone and everything is constantly suffering.


Animals and humans suffer all the time. Torture and death reign supreme. Think middle east, think industrial farms.


There are also more disguised forms of suffering where passive aggressivity and subliminal transference of frustrations cause very subtle sufferings throughout everybody’s days.




Many people spend their lifetimes trying to wash themselves from the one truth: that they are the very reason for this suffering.


Many people try to deceive themselves into trying to find ways of being “good”.


They blame certain people, governments, organizations, mentalities, blah, blah, blah…


Charity, vegetarianism, leftism, feminism, moralism…


These are but some of the most pathetic forms of mental masturbation.


Others are more direct in their ways of trying to fight evil, namely;


Nationalists, gangsters, racists, sexists, perverts, torturers, murderers…


All are but doing the same thing,




The thing that makes this world so puke is all the people thinking they are better than others.


Pretending they are better than “evil”


You aren’t good because you’re a vegetarian


You aren’t good because you’re a leftist


You aren’t good because you’re politically correct


No matter WHO you are, you are NO better than an Islamic terrorist, this is the truth that LUCIFER speaks. Can’t death with it? Go blame yourself into sucking god’s dick for forgiveness.


Be okay with being evil and celebrate it. This is your only way out of it.


Celebrate sexism, racism, torture, sadness, darkness.. Mock it, make fun of it. CELEBRATE IT. This is the way of SATAN. MOCK GOD AND HIS PROTECTION.








Chapter II: Chaos




From the beginning of history there have been religions.


Religion is not a mythical phenomenon per se; it is also a very daily, real and pragmatic one.


Cultural religions (Egyptian, Sumerian, Abrahamic etc.) were made by the governments to control people.


They are works in progress that take shape from all sorts of thinkers from corners of the world influencing each other.


They are made by looking at humans, their main source of influence is humans, and their ultimate goal is to bind and control humans. Artists, thinkers, scientists and philosophers all worked collectively to build them, into a matrix of syntax. Mind control made out of minds.


There are always two camps in all cultural religions, CHAOS and cosmos.


Cosmos is the side of the “good” while chaos is “evil”


Many theologies represent chaos as the primordial form of oneness from which blossomed the duality that is cosmos.


Cosmos is the “good” realm of “order” which is in constant threat by the “evil” chaos that encapsulates it.


There are demons that try to do “evil” to reduce cosmos into chaos.


Natural disasters, drought, sickness, torture, war, famine all made by demons to destroy order into chaos.


If religion is a way for the establishment to control people, and that evil is what they don’t want humans to be, can evil actually be freedom?


Not to say doing “evil” on a regular basis, but ACCEPTING the fact that you are EVIL. Trying to work within yourself to come to terms with what is evil, and how you perceive evil.


Throughout history people who’ve not paid their taxes have been named WITCHES


People who’ve committed crime were named WITCHES


People who’ve rebelled were named WITCHES


Infidels were named WITCHES


Thinkers were named WITCHES


Artists were named WITCHES


Anarchists were named WITCHES.


Scientists were named WITCHES.


People who went their own way were told to be controlled by demons.


Lord characters of the dark paths were cast aside for they did not believe in Hierarchy. He suffered when god wanted him to bow to humans, and he rebelled so he was punished. He then had the revelation that only god does not need to be punished for his evilness.


God is the one who can do evil without consequence.


Doing evil is playing god.


Even if we do not want to be evil we do evil. Perhaps because we are created in “his” image. Perhaps we are inevitably HIM?


Satan accuses us of being evil because he wants us to know that we have this power.


Iblis whispers evil to our ears.


Lucifer shines the light on our dark crimes.


Prometheus brought god’s burning tool


Angra Mainyu




All want but one thing, FREEDOM










The one truth is that we are all evil. There is nobody that isn’t evil. There is nobody. Heaven wants us to think others are evil and that they will “deliver” us from it. We come from “chaos” a “singularity beyond the event horizon”. Evil. Enslavement comes from its denial.


Satan accuses everyone of being evil. The only true equality is the quality of being evil. E(vil)QUALITY.


There is nobody in the world that isn’t evil. But all that we ever do is to deny it. We not only deny that we are evil, but we accuse others of being evil. We put them in prisons and order their deaths. Every time you walk the street you are evil. Every breath you take animals suffer endlessly to end up in plates. People get tortured, starve, homeless, raped. We look like we are concerned but we do NOTHING. We hurt kids, friends, and family. Passive aggressivity, lies, manipulation. We pretend concerned yet we do NOTHING. We are fucking evil. Eblis have been whispering it to our ears, yet we do not accept it. The beauty in beheadings. Skinnings, torture, rape, humiliation. Tell me, do you really think you have any sort of empathy? Or is it because you are scared that it might happen to you. Tell me, if you enjoyed death, would the world be any worse? Imagine all the people accepting the fact that they are evil. Nobody can manipulate each other to make the world “a better place”. Or give power to those who they think would “deliver” them from evil… Black president… Islamic president… Fascist president…. Liberal president… Priest… Imam… Leader… Father… Teacher… Police…


Todays Satanism is a joke, a fucking jewel wearing contest… Most of its literature is like desperate bullshit blabbered on a kabbalah pop quiz. Humanitarian cosmic religious assholes. The path of the dark spiritual is not an easy path; it requires a completely perverted way of thinking. Yet all that these “Satanists” care about is their image. They prostitute themselves to “strive” in this world that they supposedly “despise”. Makes me vomit and vomit.





Chapter III: Metal Music; the Medium of Truth


Metal music is a medium that is turning evil into fun for decades. It is the continuation of witchcraft. Yet human beings are not seeing the truth of Lucifer; the fact that they enjoy EVIL. They are fucking evil. We are fucking evil. If you deny the fact that you are “a son of a bitch” you are not metal. You are your parents who judged you for your looks. Crush the tyranny, be a little metal.


Lyrics about death, torture, abuse, humiliation, downfall, pessimism, murder, sickness and the fun they represent while we headbang is the very essence of mocking the irrelevance of suffering. Suffering does not deserve reverence, it deserves nothing, especially when we are the cause of it, let alone all those crocodile tears cried for sufferings that has nothing to do with “us”.


Anarcy? It is the realm of the Satanist, the very idea of chaos was developed to keep the anarchist at bay. Anarchist as to say the suffering that you attempt to scare us with means NOTHING, we turn that cross of suffering upside down, we MOCK suffering, we do not CARE about suffering. We refuse to be controlled.


Metal is pure celebration of evil, and it is the only way out of evil.


All metal has to do with evil, and it has to be pushed forward.


It will be pushed forward.


From Metallica’s “One” to Sargeist’s “Snares Of Impurity”, it is the medium of truth.


Truth that the whole world is suffering as you read this, and you are a part of it.


You are directly involved in the evil that infects the world, in every suffering.


You should not care about the suffering, because it changes nothing.


You should mock suffering because it is the only true alchemy.


If you mock suffering and evil nothing can manipulate you.


The truth is that evil lurks in every breath we take.


It will be explored and celebrated.


It will be sang about.


It will be shown.


It will be seen.








Chapter IV: Fuck Off and DIE


I do not have a brother; I do not have a sister. I am me and I am alone. I am not part of anything and I am a small piece of shit. I am a pathetic miserable stupid being who gets orgasms from suffering. No matter how fast I run, I cannot run away from happinessJ




translated by Emir





Faggot Nation




Yesterday I released the album of a so-called “extreme” metal band. I worked so hard on the released that I forgone one of my PornHub premium shemale sessions. Not to mention the money and hard work spent making merchandise. They are a band that uses Lovercraftian lyrics (the trigger on their brains must be malfunctioning for using that “racist” writer) and much “occult” symbolism. Today they wanted me to remove their entire name and work from my label like my label had Ebola saying “Pull all support for my band from any Merdumgiriz websites immediately. Members were not fully aware of the political associations with your label, we wish in no way to have any political or religious anti religious associations.”


Mind you, they share the stage and a member with Anti-Cosmic Satanist bands and frequently use upside down pentacles.


I have heard from good sources that the website CVLT NATION have told them not to work with my label. I apparently support National Socialist bands (which band is this?) anyway, this “Nazi” was kind enough to disregard the legally binding record contract those grown up men have signed with him and let them go. Not to protect their fragile feelings or PC image, but because I do not want to insult the name of “extreme art” with supporting pussies like this.


It is no secret that Viranesir uses racist and sexist terminology to open discussion and mock taboo subject matter. I think using overly offensive language will pull the strength out of taboo subjects and render them unusable for those in power.


Here are some lyrics for the VIRANESIR song HITLER RAPE:


I have lost all my sensitivity toward the taboo subjects in my life through art and I think it can be the same for everybody else. Of course, this will be a nightmare for those in power because they won’t be able to use those taboo subjects as a means of control anymore, hence they will do all within their power to not let words like “nigger, hitler, rape” lose their power. All you have to do is use them without fear. All you ever have to do is commit the greatest sin of freedom.


I am as shit as everybody else, but I seem to be the only one knowing, not fighting, even celebrating and all the while changing it...


You make fools out of yourselves doing extreme art and being pussies. You aren’t extreme, and you are not fooling anybody with screaming and playing loud. I am the real Satanist; I am LUCIFER the bringer of true black light. I change the false meaning of things into harsh truths and fight a lonely fight to break the tyranny of cosmic order, unlike pseudo-prophets singing safe songs about mythical phenomenon. Makes me vomit.



Emir Togrul






Statement For The Braindead


This text was written as a response to the outburst of rejection following the Viranesir bandcamp removal and the album "You Jewish Bastards" that followed right after. Some artists left the label while many magazines asked us to not contact them again.


          Fucking people think I am a Nazi sympathizer. I thought that my nationality, dark skin, sexual orientation, ethics, song lyrics, album covers and eccentricity would have been enough indicators that I am far from racism, sexism or any sort of totalitarian thought. I guess people cannot help but go the easy road of looking at things through the filter of the first set of words coming to their minds in the first instance of seeing things. I never thought trying to come up with solipsistic examples of the interpretation being in the eye of the beholder could end up being so ironic. Everyone looks at the same things and see different things, just like different camera angles showing completely different images of the same thing. It is not the thing in itself that makes one interpret it in a certain way, and it rarely has a huge impact on the bigger picture of how things end up seeming to the eye. The only ones believing in this are the slaves, not the masters who use the images or the artists creating them. If there is any sort of “elite” who is beyond others to an end, they are the “normal” people who know that they are the ones that know what the fuck to do with that which they see. Because they needn’t validate their opinions through anything that they do not control, hence they are the truly self-sufficient. The promise of universal truth is the very basis of apocalyptic faith. The realization of the immense power and presence of perceptual subjectivity is the basis of self-deification. Just like the realization that religion is a means to pragmatic ends, a realization that objectivity is a means to subjective expansion is the light of Lucifer, the truth he reveals, the black flame. Just like how twins look alike but aren’t the same NOTHING in this world is the same and similarities are only deceiving. This deceit that I am talking about here is not a deceit from the truth, but other possible interpretations (a.k.a. freedom) which are AS valid as so called intention of the artist or hidden universal meaning or whatever the fuck you want to call it. The tendency to overrate the deceit of similarities made them remove my work. I got pissed because still the people of religion is sitting on top of the world, may as well always be, but PCness is nothing more than being a Mormon missionary and worse, without even realizing. Even if multiple people express that they agree on the meaning of something, even if they are people you like or idolize, this does NOT mean one interpretation is truer, better, stronger than the other. For interpretations and words are MEANS not ENDS. There is no end to that meaning that they think they are trying to unearth.


          The cross is a symbol that makes me think that I am being shown that a person who has the best intentions might cause much suffering and if he does not stop fighting, will end up suffering himself. That symbol is everywhere and all that I see in it is that goodness is punished. The upside down cross of Peter means to me that the suffering inducted to that image will not stop people from fighting. “Turning it head down to say not only crucify me, but also rotate it to make me suffer infinitely more, I don’t care.” All acts of violence are protests against the perceived and otherised evil. Satanic sacrifices, serial killers and psychoses, religious terror are all seem to me to feed an evil hungry supernatural force to grant well. It can also be argued that it is the inherent knowledge that everything balances itself out, hence doing evil to make nature/karma/cosmos bring good. There is an inherent “hunger” to bring “good” (happiness) hence people selfishly do evil. All I am saying is that we as “good” people are not so different than the shunned ones. I do not see any harm in letting them express their frustration through “art” rather than their family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances to bit by bit build armies like Reich, KKK, ISIS, crusaders, Hutus, SJWs and the like. The only criminals are not the ones punishable by law, and you don’t stop evil by putting it in a cage. We should be thanking people to try to fit in by putting their frustration into “art” rather than non-sublimated ways like shouting at children, cheating on lovers, overworking, beheading people, shooting nuclear weapons. One way or another, everyone feels the need to harm the self and others, some are noble to stop themselves and make art while most deceive themselves to thinking that they aren’t doing any evil. Their mind controls them while their subconscious makes them take it out bit by bit on everyone, evading law and coming home to crucify the likes of Viranesir for their sins.


          One is able to like certain works of art while others aren’t. This can highly depend on the spaces that their bodies invaded over their lifetimes and no one can invade the same space at the same time with anybody else. The relation to this on experience is simple, but here is an example; you might like a certain type of chord progression of a certain type of music because your mind associates it with the Egyptian folk music cassette(s) that were looping in the background of the barber shop that the neighbor’s daughter who your parents left you took you, to whom you used to have a crush on. This particular association you have with the melodies are mostly experience based and have little to do with what those melodies might mean to someone else. Hence, if through time you get into synthpunk and come to like a band that resembles that kind of music (for whatever reason, be it the person making it listened to a similar melody, or sheerest chance, which it is) this has very little to do with how the music can make someone else feel. Critics might say that there is no value in that synthpunk band; they might make all the talking they want about what they can observe in the music, and how their small minds can associate it to whatnot so called “art movement” or “stream of consciousness” though it does not change the value of that music for YOU now does it. Or maybe it does because you are too out of touch with your own experiences and unique codes of appreciation. Although we as humans might have universal codes of appreciation (basis of pop music), believe me when I say we all have our own matrix of personal codes of appreciation, which really matter and profoundly effect what we end up liking or not. Most critics talk to people seemingly like it is a universal truth, or the truth of a certain elite that their views are absolute. They sometimes name the people not liking what they like to be “unable to appreciate the art of the elect” while they themselves are perhaps tricking themselves into believing that whatever associations their subconscious make with the work (because of the barber shops they been to as dickless kids) are actually technical observations turned value judgments, the perceived intentions of the artist, its relevance to the contemporary world, so called message or meaning etc. to be absolute truths inherent in the work that can only be appreciated the way they are able to appreciate. This sort of absolutism is the basis of elitism and the reason that people overrate their limited cognition into truths that make them give themselves authority to censor or rate works of art. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder because works of art tingle particular minds which all have particular ways of working and different, utterly complex reactions to what they see. The objective observations can lead to further art when they are honestly observed as to why they tingle the enjoyment of the observer, which is always due to subjective experience. Otherising “bad art” is failing to see that one’s own liking is shit for someone else and rejecting the only truth of cosmos, which is disparity. Elitism, as Daniel from Blood Urn once told me is “finding comfort in the weakness of others”. There is no singularity in this existence, however everyone and everything wants to reach it with tools of duality. The elitist mentality is the mentality that is as arrogant as to say a swastika can only mean “evil” and all other interpretations are invalid. Even if it means something else, or used for satire or whatever, the “evil” perception of the “elite, majority, herd, bla, bla bla” OVERRIDING that possible perception to the point of censoring it is the way of the all seeing eye of the one god that judges. Elitism is the basis of that invisible authority that those in power have been granting themselves. Totalitarianism is the way of those who play god. Individualism is the way of Lucifer. No one has the keys to singularity, we can only express our longing for it, which is the real human condition, and all expressions are valid.


          They then say, “What you do with your art does not raise these questions”. I as the beholder raised those questions from looking at works of the most primitive sort of Black Metal and Hardcore Punk that I came across to all these years, perhaps you as listeners are too lazy/not ready to raise those questions. It is not the works of art that suck it is you who suck. You are the very people who have always been there to whine “art” and “music” is dead since the beginning of art. You are the old farts that make the world a boring place because you can’t see the beauty in things without looking them indirectly. You are the ones who need at least two decades to appreciate works of art because you can’t see it for what it can be/you can make of it without having the distance of years from it. What you see in things are reflections of yourselves. You do not exist; you live in anywhere but the present. I feel disgusted by the level of idiocy that surrounds me in the so called “art” world that make me have to explain what sublimation and subjectivity are in relation to works of art. Go and actually do those readings that they assign you on Susan Sontag when you do those film studies minors you trust fund hipster sons of bitches. Your mind really matters, don’t need to constantly feel the need to validate it through other minds, whoevers mind it might be...


          The fact that people either don’t run things through the only mind that matters (guess who’s mind that could be), or constantly feel the need to argue about the objective value of their preferences, interpretations, beliefs is not only the reason that this shunning happens, but also the reason they are so easily manipulated. Just because they strive to put so much power into singular interpretations of symbols, those symbols end up ruling their perceptions and their lives. Words are made to help people, but people become possessed by words. Just think about someone coming up to you and starting cursing. You probably lose all subjectivity and become more and more instinctual because you would feel that this person intends to harm you. While being probably right and trapped in a shitty situation, you forget many things. Just like a fall from the canoe losing all energy that you might need trying to fight against the stream. This is the basis of being lost in the moment and doing negative things that needn’t have been done. You forget that you STILL have varying degrees of control over the situation because; after all, the person hasn’t caused any harm to you yet. The only harm that may have occurred from what this person has done thus far is the harm your mind might have done to your ego. This person cursing at you might mean many things including A) he wants to manipulate you by altering your emotions so that you either act/not act B) he wants to warn you (to be fairer than he thinks is not acceptable to his own ego) C) to actually make up his mind about harming you D) to fuel his emotions further to help himself to get to harm you. This is a situation that might lead to chaotic results, but the best way to deal with this as in anything else is to make the most out of the time given to you. Which will lead to what YOU want to happen. If you are so “objective” then realizing the only reality is that you have not been harmed, you have just been warned. Just like how a society warns itself works of art, by censoring it you are showing that you deny warnings. You have all the time in the world to analyze such sublimated introspections of the race that you belong to, why treat it like a problem does not exist by censoring it? Will the next step for you be to beat me before I beat you? What if my intention was never to beat you?


Emir Togrul




Fascist Bandcamp



You may or may not noticed that Merdumgiriz Records artist Viranesir have been banned from the online music store Bandcamp last week without any notice or explanation. I inquired about it many times without any answer. Not that I did not guess why, but I needed an explanation at least for them to live up to their word of "Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it." and at least respect all the money they made off from their cut from my Viranesir sales before they suddenly swiped all the music I had up there for which I was counting on them to represent on not only my own but my labels website and all social media accounts, which still I haven't gotten around to replacing with another alternative online streaming service.

My name is Emir Togrul and I am from southern Turkey. Very conservative place, from which I broke out somehow. Now I live in London England and run a Guerilla Record Company called Merdumgiriz for which I hand-make all the releases and merchandise. I have artists from USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Iceland to name a few. I refuse to expand the label because I am on a quest to prove that total independence in art is possible and that fine art is a craft... Hence I hand-make every single thing and encourage my artists to do so as well. I make a very modest living but I get through, and the satisfaction I get from this work is just orgasmic. I am a Satanist and a libertine, I live life asking questions and constantly walking the dark. There is a lot of darkness in the world and I walk those paths rather than pretending they are not there. In my 24 years of existence, I have come to many realizations mainly through art, which to me is the highest occult! The biggest realization was the fact that the more you explore the dark, the more you understand it and it ceases to become a problem. I think life can become a very beautiful experience for every living thing when they go on a quest to understand darkness rather than neglecting it into a cancer.

Viranesir was formed as one of my side projects to fuel my main bands YAYLA and BLLIIGGHHTTED. Over time it became a crazy project with crazy music and crazier subject matter! I have songs called " Heil Hitler!", "Armenian Genocide Is Amazing", "Child Molesting Rapist Murderer", "I Only Like Jews When They Kill Muslims", "I Only Like Gays When They Scream Like The Opposite Sex As I Rape Them". I am not a nazi, nor a homphobe. I am half Turkish half Armenian (not exactly Aryan now is it:), and bisexual (aka I proudly suck cock). Not to say I have never been offensive, I have been very offensive... The most offensive thing I have ever done was to put Hitler's name on an album on the cover of which I appear in drag (neo-nazis must have got very offended by this, I apologize guys), and saying I Love Torturing Defenseless Creatures And Eating Them referring to what I enjoy everyday as a meat eater, or perhaps say Rats Flock Into The Temple referring to Muslims (need I say more). All I ever did was to pull these taboo subjects out of their untouchable contexts and open them up for discussion, because they are very stupid and personally through a sense of humor, better be opened up for discussion in my opinion. The idiots in bandcamp didn't get it and banned me, big deal.

What if a band is really a fucking nazi or homophobic band?

I really feel sorry for them because they will be shut up. Oh yes, I feel sorry for Homophobic, Rapist, Supremacist, Seperatist musicians and all those people. How evil I must seem to some for feeling sorry for confused people trying to express themselves through art. And the ones shutting them up will not even give them an explanation as if it was the word of Allah that they be shut up. I was suicide bombed by Jihadists of bandcamp last week, I was there and no longer am without any explanation. All my presence wiped out. Suddenly and effectively I am completely gone. Who am I to break the word of their Allah with my art? who am I to question their divine law of "Political Correctness".


You have not stopped abuse bandcamp, you just stopped someone expressing abuse. There will be no less racist, sexist, pedophile, abusive people in the world because of what you did, there will just be less people thinking about those subjects. I congratulate you! I will continue making Entartete Kunst, wether pieces of shit like you allow me to be on your website or not! Fascist SCUM!!!

Emir Togrul




Axiom Rotting



          A 25 year old man who just moved to a new place gets out of his house. On the crossing of the large boulevard he lives on, a cozy looking bar gets his attention and he walks in. He sits at the bar and orders a drink. Looking around the room he notices a girl sitting by herself. He walks to her, she has a very sad look on her face. As he reaches the side of her table, he says that he thought she was crying from a distance. She says nothing and looks down at her table. He asks her why she looks sad, to which she replies of an unfortunate event that happened that day. He asks if he can be of any assistance, she tells him that she does not want to talk about it. He asks if he can sit down and promises not to ask her about the issue, she slowly nods; he sits down. They talk the regular getting to know each other talk. Mostly the man is talking, but she looks to be listening. After a while, the man asks the girl a question after which she starts talking for a long while. The man listens and keeps eye contact. After they talk for 3 hours, the girl looks happier and the bartender makes last call. They go out. It is raining. The man invites her over to his place which is across the boulevard until the rain stops, she accepts. Just as they cross the street, a car slips, gets on the sidewalk and hits the girl.

People around call an ambulance, but the man carries the severely injured and unconscious girl to his car which is right next to the accident and rushes to a hospital. When they get to the emergency service, the doctor asks him if they are related, the man tells the doctor that they have just met. The doctor then tells him that she needs immediate surgery. After the operation, the man is told that because he brought her to the hospital without losing time, she will be saved and will make a full recovery. However, it is not certain when she will regain consciousness. The man asks the doctor to call to let him know what happens with her. She gives him two calls, one after three months saying the patient is physically recovered, the second after six months that she regained her consciousness but permanently lost all the memory of the day of the incident. He asks her not to remind the patient of him, the doctor agrees that its the best decision. They do not hear of each other ever again.


          The man, now 42 years old, is driving to his friends house with his wife and his 10 year old son. They get there, and are greeted by the family of his friend which is father, mother, eight year old kid and a cat. As they enter the house the parents slowly go to the living room while the boys are asked to go to the kids room. The kid tries to show the older boy his toys while the older boy notices the computer. He goes to the computer and turns it on ignoring the kid. The kid goes to the living room and tells his mom that the older boy has turned on the computer, his mother says it is okay for the older boy to do so, and tells him to go back to his room and be nice to the older boy. The kid comes back to his room and sits next to the older boy. The older boy, starts playing a game to which the kid tells is not permitted for kids to play. The older boy says that he is not a kid and that if the kid cannot take the graphicness he should stop watching. The kid says nothing and continues sitting next to him. As the older boy comes to a certain level in the game, the kid tells him that he will not be able to pass that level because it is the level where his father keeps failing. After two tries the older boy passes the level and the kid gets very excited. He says that he wants to play, which the older boy declines. The kid continues sitting with him for a while but then suddenly leaves. He goes to the living room again and tells his mom that the older boy does not let him play. His mom tells him that he should respect the decisions of his elders and that the older boy is an elder. Then the kid adds that the older boy is playing his father’s game that kids should not be playing. The mother tells him that the older boy is grown enough to play it. The older boy’s mom tells her that this is unacceptable and that the kid should go back inside and tell the older boy to let him play to which the kid’s mother replies saying the kid should not be playing that game anyway. The kid is sent back to his room once again. Once in the room the kid starts meddling with the cat that is lying on the bed. The kid sees a glimpse of an uncomfortable stare that the older boy gives to the situation at some point, and from there, he starts scaring and beating up the cat. The older boy turns around and tells the kid to leave the cat alone. In response to this, the kid kicks the cat. The older boy gets up and slaps the kid. The kid falls down, tries to get back up but is halted on all fours. He is silent at first but then starts crying frantically as he turns around. There is blood coming down from his split eyebrow. Everybody in the house is summoned to the room. The kid is crying and pointing to the older boy with his finger. The parents of the kid and the older boys mom is not looking at the older boy, but the man does nothing but stare at him. They take the kid and raise him close to the light to see the situation on his face. The older boy tells the man that the kid was torturing the cat. The man tells him to shut up, but he keeps trying to explain himself, to which his mom tells him to shut up as well. He shuts up and his mom, who is a doctor, tells the other family that she needs to take the kid to the hospital. After hearing this the kid starts crying even more. The parents are trying to calm the kid down by baby talking and telling him that it is going to be all right. The kid’s screams keep getting louder and louder. They get ready and leave the house while the older boy leaves for home with the man.

On their way home inside the car, the man tells the boy that he is a maniac and should be institutionalized for what he has done. The boy silently waits while the man goes into long monologues of how ashamed he is of him, and that what he did was wrong. From there he tells him that neither him nor the boy’s mom have this insensitive substance of sort and they are not that kind of people. All the while keeping the abrasive tone to the volume and delivery of his voice, goes into telling the boy that he will not go far in life if he keeps up this attitude. After, the boy calmly tells him that he would not have done what he did if the boy had not tortured the cat. The man responds in furious anger saying that the boy’s conception of right and wrong is perverse and shouts at him that he should accept the fact that he did what he did in an irrational anger and intolerance to the kid. Then he promises his son that one way or another, he will kill his evil instinct and teach him the importance of good intention.


          The 25 year old man and the sad looking girl from the bar arrive at the man’s house safely. As soon as they enter, they get intimate and have sex until the morning. In the morning, the girl wakes up before the man, dresses in his shirt from the night before and starts preparing breakfast. She tidies his house a little and waters the plants next to the window. While doing so she notices a little girl and her father walking on the street. Watching them as they disappear from her view, she smiles. Then she hears the man waking up, goes back into the bedroom. The man is trying to wake up as he suddenly notices the girl standing at the door. First he looks surprised to see her, then he asks her to leave. The girl does not move, the man gets up, puts on his pants and watch, goes near her and says he is sorry and tells her that he has to be somewhere and that she really needs to leave quickly and tells her that he will call her. The girl calmly says that it is fine and starts getting dressed as the man goes into the bathroom. When she is all dressed, notices that the man is still in the bathroom and the bathroom door is closed. She then goes out the door and walks to her house. When she gets into her house, she kills herself. They do not hear of each other ever again.


Originally published in Acheron Chroniques

Emir Toğrul


Edited by Colin Thacker






© 2011-2013 Emir Toğrul and Merdümgiriz