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Brutal Sedition


Absit Omen


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Brutal Sedition


Emir Togrul is a very busy man. He is involved in many different black metal projects, one of which is Viranesir. I already interviewed him about that band here. He is also involved in another black metal band called Blliigghhtted. They have an intriguing name and make even more intriguing music. I decided to sit down with him once again, this time to talk about Blliigghhtted's music and their history.


Hail, Blliigghhtted! It is good to speak with you. Can you start off by telling us about the inspiration behind your name? I keep thinking it's an homage to Voivod.


Good to speak to you too, thanks for all the reviews interviews and support so far with our various projects! Inspiration behind the name is simple, Lucifer. A blighted angel, the light that shines from rotting chaos cunts we attempt to slit open in the cosmic prison of this existence. Very simply, the beauty in darkness and the darkness in beauty.



Can you tell us how the band came to be?


Merdumgiriz and me were always making extreme music and we were kind of crazy as well in Viranesir, Yayla and the films we made. This girl Ruhan found us and ordered our chaos into a powerful concentrated force named Blighted and we started both intellectualizing our then abstract sense of life into a concrete philosophical framework and making music thereof.



Were there any specific bands that influenced Blliigghhted's sound?


No, not specific bands but everything we ever listened to. Ruhan really liked melodic death/black like Dissection, Behexen, old-Deathspell while I really like dark ambient and experimental music and Merdumgiriz likes free jazz and technical music. It might be a mixture of all these.



You released your first demo, Which of You Have Done This?, on September 9, 2014. Can you tell us about the ideas behind this demo?


Ruhan said we should come up with each our own piece of art that invokes Chaos within. I chose Tarkovsky’s last film while Merdumgiriz chose Macbeth and she chose a Satanic grimoire, we did some rituals with being immersed with those pieces of arts in nude and bleeding and recorded the music in one take, it was fucked up. After this ritual I started losing my cosmic chains of morality and form, hence the future art of this band and my other projects really took off.



I noticed that most of the songs you've recorded are really long. Is there a specific reason behind this?


No, my songs usually tend to be longer than average rock length (if there is such a thing) in all my bands. The reason for the unconventional nature of a lot of things in my music is because I have no limits in terms of anything and am my own boss. I am also quite an unconventional person so it shows in the works I make.



You released your full-length debut, Zeroes, on March 31, 2015. Your demo was minimalist in nature, but this album is a lot more complex. Was this a natural musical evolution or did something inspire you to change your musical direction?


Good question, I would say a natural musical evolution and the inspiration that we got from Ruhan’s philosophy finally completely kicking in our systems. I clearly remember chaos running through my veins at the time, it could even be more complex but Ruhan held us back a bit. She both inspired it and held it back, that’s what she was. Now that she implanted her utter chaos into us and no longer there to hold it back, I wonder what we will make.



Zeroes and your second full-length album, No Temple, were released just two months apart from each other. How do you manage to stay so productive?


Zeroes was released way after it was recorded, however No Temple is released right after it was made. They weren’t made that close to each other, but it is also true that I made 9 albums just last year so I am “productive”. I do not know how not being productive is like so I can’t really answer this question… I guess I don’t waste time doing unnecessary shit. But the king (queen) of not wasting time was Ruhan, she wasn’t even hanging out with us when we weren’t making music.



Whereas Zeroes consisted of just two long songs, No Temple features many short songs. What was the motivation behind this decision?


I recorded No Temple with the intention to do a Kaos Garden v/2.0 and wanted to release it as Viranesir but I was so inspired by Ruhan’s teachings that I wrote all Satanic Lyrics and asked if she would let me package it as Blliigghhtted, and we agreed to release it as such. No Temple is a solo album by me whereas the others are collaborations hence the difference in not only durations, but also everything else.



On November 5, 2015, you released a split album with Red Bible Black. Can you tell us a little bit about them and how the both of you met?


We met when my then artist Travis from Sar Nath told me I should sign the guy behind it P.C Odio. I fell in love with all his projects and we came to an agreement and I released many of his works, Red Bible Black being one of them. He makes uncompromising extreme metal since the 80ies and he is a psycho. You can joke about anything with this guy and he has no values whatsoever, unlike most so called “extreme metal” people who ride on moral values and lead normal lives, can’t even joke about raping children, burning niggers and skinning animals. I also play in Red Bible Black, I am the current vocalist and drummer, and in the split album I made all the vocals.



One month later, you released Kosmoskampf. What was the general concept behind that album?


There is a general theme, a motif called Chaoskampf in myths, religions and legends of the world in which a cultural hero battles a “chaos monster” and protects cosmos from the forces of chaos. As Satanists, we look forward to the concept of chaos rather than trying to avoid it, which is the primary function that separates a Satanist from any other person. Kosmoskampf is the reversal of the Chaoskampf myth in which a Chaos monster destroys a cultural hero or deity and lets chaos devour cosmos.



I noticed that Kosmoskampf makes great use of clean vocals. Did you include these vocals in order to make your music stand out from the crowd?


All our albums kind of make great use of clean vocals. I can list many reasons why I do it and I think standing from the crowd can be one of them but not an important one. More importantly the inclusion of such mighty clean voices reminds us of the voices of fathers and religious leaders capable of manipulation and more humanly vocals make contrast with monstrous vocals, and contrast is what we are all about; blight/light.



I also noticed some death metal influences when listening to this album. Were there any bands you were thinking of when you included those elements?


I listen to lots of death metal but I do not consciously say, think or put death metal elements or black metal elements in the music, it just becomes what it is and then people tell me like you do now that there is this or that metal in it. I personally can differentiate death from black metal when vocals are high or low pitched but in the music, it kind of sounds one and the same to me. But let me name some Death Metal bands I enjoy a lot and we can call it a day; Acheron, Blood Urn, Teitanblood, Solomonic Demons, Kuu, Mincer



Your latest album was Into the Cunt of the Witch. Personally, I think this was your best album. Can you tell us what the songwriting process was like for this album?


Thanks, I think so too. The songwriting took eons with this one. It started right after we finished Kosmoskampf, which is even before the release of Zeroes, and went on until we finally released it. Ruhan told me to write the lyrics for it and I declined saying that is her job in this band. She refused to write lyrics and told me to do it and finally killed herself and I made the lyrics and sang, then we released it. Took ages because of all this, the lyrics are about her life and suicide.



By the way, what type of equipment do you use to record your music?


I use AKG214 and MD412 condenser microphones to record guitar, bass, drums and vocals through Apogee Duet II and put it into Logic Pro X and render thru Waves plug-ins. My pedals both live and studio are MXR Bass D.I and Digitech Death Metal Distortion. My guitar is Epiphone Les Paul Studio Goth with DiMarzio X2N bridge pickups and NY XL strings for A Tuning transcribed to 6 strings.



I see that this album is split into four “chapters”: Black Flame, Illusion, Death, and Suicide. Can you go into more depth about the concepts that are expressed by this album?


The album is death propaganda; a guide on the steps to affirm what a prison life is, reward the bearer of such disgust as a Satanist and take those steps into death. It is about Ruhan’s suicide and how I think she hated life and all the steps she took against life and finally entered death.



All of your music was composed by a woman called Ruhanathanas. Can you tell us about what she was like?


She did not compose it but conducted it. Merdumgiriz and I composed the parts and she sliced them together told us how to arrange it. She did not have any moral values and hated this existence with a passion. Everything about her is in the lyrics of “Into The Cunt Of The Witch”



How did you first meet her?


In the studio, Merdumgiriz and me were rehearsing Viranesir and she showed up, told us she wanted to make music and left. She right away made a very decadent pedophilic joke and we fell in love with her. We judge people’s intelligence by their lack of moral values so she scored so high that we called her back.



What happened to her?


She blew her brains away.



Before you go, can you tell us about your future plans?


I just finished touring Europe as a farewell tour to Blliigghhtted and it was fantastic. After Ruhan’s death Blliigghhtted is now morphed into CHAOSCUNT and Chaoscunt we shall be. The new album will be about sexual satanic child sacrifice. I will tour again with it next summer and the new album will be out before then.


Emir Togrul





Absit Omen


1. Slava Tchortu Merdümgiriz. Blliigghhtted music is surely an uncompromising assault, miles away from commercial places or melodic solution, but substantially is a raw BM with a schizophrenic voice and a massive wall of sound behind it: do you agree with my description? Can you give us your personal label to your music?


I would agree with that description in that it is close to my interpretation of it and feel very good that somebody feels that way about our music. I do not have one singular label about my music or anything in life, everything in life always changes and nothing is the same eternally; things are random, things are chaotic, nothing is still, nothing is ordered, everything evolves... Maybe that vortex was a good description of the music in itself.



2. How much is important for you to play brutal music as you do? Do you find in music a way to vent your hate against the modern society, religion and so on, or do you consider it a form of extreme and violent art?


I hate everyone and everything, including but not limited to modern society, religion and so on. I am not one of those idiots who think another time, another place, another religion or non-religion or another society would have been better for me, my war is with existence not any particular thing, establishment or time in it. I hate everything, including modern times, ancient times, medieval times, disgusting religions like islam and shit and even my own religion of luciferianism and everything in this existence to the point of wanting to skin every child and wash them in the salt of their parents’ tears. This music along with rape, torture, hate is my only respite. The only reason I am not dead yet is because I do not know what death will be. While I am alive I want to make this music that channels these feelings and senses I have.



3. Can you tell us what dark rituals have you made to summon Blliigghhtted in 2014? What are the most important steps in your band history? What would you say specifically brought you all together to make heavy music? 


Blighted is Ruhan’s project. Emir and me were always making music in the most extreme and norm pushing forms, but the coming of this witch to our lives was the event that changed our lives and started Blighted. She is the utter destroyer of this universe. Ruhan was a particular girl who was raised by idiots of parents worshipping islam and moral values while sexually molesting her and sending her to Islamic schools where she was sexually molested. She got involved with Satanism at a young age and came to the interpretation that this existence is a prison and that everybody should be very unhappy and rebellious against anything and everything without supporting anything. She was truly pure chaos and it was a black light shining through her, she didn’t hang out or do anything that didn’t serve the purpose of this chaotic will. We were merely vessels for her black energy, black energy, black energy.



4. Regarding your first and only demo tape "Which of You Have Done This?" from 2014: how was it received in the underground, locally and internationally? The only track "The Lords" is an 31 minute a psychodrama song with ultra heavy riffs! Where did you record this demo?


Internationally there were a few reviews and a few fans liked the work, but this album remains a rather unknown relic of our past. I was playing keyboard and singing rather than my usual drumming in this one, Ruhan was attempting for the first time in her mystical conducting method. We recorded it at my place in my home studio, Emir engineered it and played the guitar as always and it wasn’t meant to be released but it ended up being very pleasing to all of us, she was very happy and we released it.



5. Blliigghhtted since beginning has always been a deliberately enigmatic and underground band. I have never seen a band history or a bio, and you have put out a three full albums and one split in 2015 by your own label Merdümgiriz! Now, a while after release, how do you look back at this three albums, are there elements you’d like to change or regret, things you consider worth improving on upcoming releases? How critical are you when composing riffs or rehearsing? Can you tell us more about the studio's where you’ve recorded and how the recordings shaped up? Do you have a certain song favorite, which you consider being your best track or one summarizing best what Blliigghhtted is/was about?


I don’t regret anything, the albums are great. Of course everything can always be a 1000 times better, but we don’t aim for perfection, we aim to slaughter and fill the ripping void in our souls with raging flames. The fact that you hear our songs and it doesn’t sound like the average occult black metal bullshitter trendy bastard is enough an achievement these days, and we have achieved this. All those fucking bands disgust me, herds of slugs... The way we work is that we go into the studio and rehearse with the direction of Ruhan. We are by our nature very unique individuals and musicians so we don’t aim to be critical or anything to achieve a unique result, it just automatically happens as soon as we start playing. However I think it is undeniable that over the albums our playing got much more tighter and technical by itself, no conscious effort. I told you about the first demo, the albums after that were rehearsed at the same spot but recorded in both mine and Emir’s studio’s, always engineered by Emir, drums always recorded at my place. Summarization of Blighted song is in my opinion the Suicide trilogy where I almost ripped my tendons playing that fast, I think the lyrics really summarize Blighted as well, the last album altogether really summarize Ruhan and Blighted better than anyone ever could. Just read the lyrics, you’ll understand what we are saying, or your system will reject it because you ain’t ready for that much of a breaking of your pathetic humane certainty.



6. You do very special and morbid looking packaging for your releases, how important is the visual side of a release to you and how can I imagine the preparation and work on your albums? 


It is always the work of Emir; he is the visual side of all our works. He makes films, photos, paintings, drawings and all sorts of visual art even acting and performing. It is usually a mixture of mediums, for Lords we stole the artworks from a book on how to murder people easily and efficiently, Kosmoskampf is a frame from a movie we did for the album, split is a stamp print made by Emir, last album is a mixture of photography and digital collage, Zeroes is a watercolor painting by him. He makes the visuals in conjunction with the composition process and it is always very relevant to the issues we deal with in the albums.



7. What’s so special about Metal for you? To take this even further back, when did you start playing Metal in the first place? What led you there? Could you imagine embarking in some other Metal style or perhaps even a totally different musical way to express your inner dementia?


Metal is special because it is noisy and sounds like a war rather than music; a total soundtrack to our fucking feelings about this disgusting existence. Life is war for us and we struggle every moment of every day so we find the proper expression of this torture in metal. I started playing metal because I wanted to play the music I liked; I took the instruments in my hand because I wanted to play metal music. Metal is the first music I ever listened to and although I enjoy all kinds of music, metal is my favorite. Black metal in particular.

Metal is also very special because it is a political sort of music saying fuck you to all sorts of establishment and society. But lots of people who claim to make metal are pussies and without shame. They are shameless pussies in that they modify their lyrics to be politically correct; they look at metal as primarily a business or a way to have fun. Metal first and foremost is a way of life saying fuck you to this existence, and no family, no money, no pussy, not even ones own life is more important for us. A person who values their life or career higher than metal is not metal for me, pure and simple.

Of course I embark in different music, we already make different styles of music, here is one for example: - it is what can be described as psychedelic synthpunk and we are surely the only people doing this genre. We also do many styles both in Viranesir, Yayla, Blighted and new projects coming up in the label.



8. Maybe a bit tedious this question, but for me – being a fanatic when it comes to the purport-related dimension of a band definitely a must – what is the idea behind you band’s name? Do you still identify with it or do you rather regard it as an adolescent spontaneity?


Blighted + Light = Blliigghhtted – that is the idea and we identify with it, it is Ruhan’s idea, we considered calling it blighted angel but ended up calling it Blighted with light in between. I think it is a great name and I am proud of this name and identify with it. We even have it tattooed on ourselves, well Ruhan’s tattoo must be rotting away by now but we are that proud of it. Blliigghhtted is an adjective for Lucifer for us.



9. Is “technicality” a subject of any relevance within Blliigghhtted? I am asking because, in the Metal community, this term has been elevated to a certain relevance in the past? How do you – as musicians – make sure that you progress in some way? Do you check guitar / bass / drum tutorials every once in a while or what?


Haha, well not really… We get our technicality by playing lots of hours. Lots of people seem to call our music very technical and I can understand why they do but we are all self taught and only developed ourselves through merely going into the garage and blasting away. The technicality of Blighted, if there is any, comes from the fact that we want to wander into musical places that make us feel new sensations so that must be the reason it sounds so technical to people, because it is unconventional and tight at once.



10. History of Blliigghhtted has been marked by the suicide death of the Ruhan in the 2015. What could you tell us in memory of your war sister?


Ruhan always told us she would blast her head away when she found a special magnum pistol that she obsessed over. One of her clients got her this gun and she did what she wanted to do. I can tell you that she is unlike anybody I or anyone I knew ever met and will meet perhaps. She was a light shining so bright that it blinded and devoured everything around her; she was the closest thing to my interpretation of Lucifer that I had ever known. She had such a pristine philosophy that it was like a key that if you carry it will devour you and deliver you to chaos. Everyone who spoke to her saw her wrath, and studied her calculated anti-existence philosophy. The lyrics of the last album, which is all written by Emir is a very sharp description of Ruhan, it is all there:

For my sake I wish that she comes back and destroys this universe, but for her sake, I hope she really got out of this existence once and for all.



11. It seems Ruhan always trying to face many spiritual topics inside her lyrics: hate, war, and the supremacy of the will, philosophy or dark spirituality… What is the final message of the Blliigghhtted propaganda? Who are the individuals you think could be reached by your message?


Starting by saying that any and all interpretation of our work is valid, what we really believe is that life is a prison and even death might not be an escape from this prison. We take a very realistic look upon life in saying that stop the bullshit illusions and see it for what it is, a fucking prison that can fuck you up at any moment. Nothing is certain, choice is an illusion, movement, uncertainty and chaos reigns so hard and no matter how hard you try to counter it, it is inevitably there and getting stronger the more you deny it. We also know that death is an unknown and unknowable and any proclamation over it is a willful lie. The more people proclaim to believe in their own bullshit about unknowable things, the more religious they are, no matter if they are atheist or even agnostic. Both Christians, muslims, atheists and even so called Satanists get butthurt over these messages however this is what we reaped from all these religions they so called claim. All individuals can look at our lyrics and either can get butthurt or feel enlightened. It is open for anybody.



12.What’s your idea of existence, of life and death, and how much do them influence you in Blliigghhtted? Have you got an idea of what wait us after our departure from this earth?


Existence is a prison and life is the part of existence that we are observing now. I hope death and beyond is better than life. Neither me nor anyone else has a clue about death; the ones that claim they do are liars. Again I say, those liars, be it gayristain, jewbastard, disgusting muslim, jewel wearist-Satanist, agnostic, atheist or you name it get butthurt from our music and lyrics.



13.This world has always been fed by hatred among people and it's well known that hatred spreads hatred. In today's religions, there is a lot of pure hate and people blinded by their religious dogmas think they are allowed to hate and kill each other because they can't understand what's right and what's wrong anymore. Do you think we are living our last days and that the human race is destined to come its end, due to all this hatred caused by religious beliefs?


Hatred, rape, torture, hurtfulness and everything negative is part of existence it is not only a part of religions or some ideologies or some people. Religious people are just a manifestation of a facet of existence that we see, namely the human need to separate what they deem to be universal evil from universal good and claim to believe in the objective existence of things they can’t prove. First of all, my evil is not necessarily the same as somebody else’s evil, and I never heard any convincing argument proclaiming a universal good-evil. When it comes to the issue of hate and love parallel to good and evil arises the question of how one can love such an evil existence without embracing those evil things that lurk in every corner. If one loves this world, or life they inevitably love the vileness; there is no two ways about this. If one hates this world, they inevitably hate the good as well. Good and evil define this world and love and hate applies to both simultaneously. In this light, there is also no right and wrong, and right and wrong is an illusion, a name given to our preferences that inevitably conflict with others’ preferences. The reality of these harsh facts of existence are the reason why everybody is harming and killing each other, but their denial is the reason that they hurt so much and never end. Their denial = religion.



14.What prompted you to form your own label/distribution company Merdümgiriz. What is the mission and purpose of your label? 


Again, Emir created this label to release his own works. I was helping him send e-mails without signing my real name so everyone started referring to me as Merdumgiriz and I took on the name. Purpose of this label is to release works Emir deems worthy, but also the artists behind the works must and shall be supreme human beings and we kick everyone who shows a weakness. We kicked out people who got offended from our words, we kicked people who were so called satanists afraid to be involved with our politically incorrect lyrics for their careers, we recently kicked our artists who were afraid to come to turkey to play with us because it is not safe. To be a part of this label, you have to be a supreme artist and your life must be less value than your art, pure and simple.



15.Tell us something about the other member of Blliigghhtted -filmmaker, musician Emir Toğrul of Yayla. Since the very beginning, you and him have drawn the musical "face" of Blliigghhtted - nesting itself deep within the substance of your soul… a very particular way of playing Black Metal, yet very original, very raw, and fucking suffocating. It privileges the dark and heavy deep side of the music, at the same time granting mysticism and hysteria… Tell us more about the vibrations that drove you two to this particular way. In general what inspires you to compose, and I am not talking musically but greater inspiration and influences?


Emir is the brain and skeleton behind everything, we are just adding stuff to his works basically. Blighted is Emir’s music, mostly Emir and me but Ruhan was guiding us with her non-musical ways. What inspires me to compose? Many things… All the emotions I feel deeply, hate, sadness, joy, fear, in the face of immense intricate and complex disgustingness’s of life. A mother making her child willingly sad, over and over again, a father raping her daughter both emotionally and physically, all breakings of certainty… Losing limbs all of a sudden, living a normal life but getting old and bankrupt and suffering in the hands of abusive maids, all of a sudden getting raped, finding yourself in catastrophes, life stumbling down. Defenseless, prosecuted, wrongfully treated without guilt. All these faces of true heaviness of existence, where people not dare look, but it is there. The true faces of existence; the truth the Lucifer in everything. The truths showing god’s disgusting universe that we are trapped in.



16.What are Blliigghhtted main aim(s) (spiritual and / or musical) and what pushes you to keep on walking the path of sorrow…? Do you think Blliigghhtted music is only for a selected few or do you want your music to reach as many people as you can? From everything you’ve done, are there particular pieces that you are more proud of, creatively, musically or lyrically?


The spiritual and musical main aims can be described as breaking pathetic human certainties and promoting anti-existence art. We aren’t happy about this existence and we don’t have any values, moreover we believe that those things are illusions hence we slap the truth of this hell into human faces, very effectively so. Who am I to say whom my art is for? Whoever wants it can do whatever they want with it. My favorite album is the latest both lyrically and musically but I personally like the track Seven Zeroes from the album Zeroes in another level of creativity, it sounds like the sound of freedom to me; running into the blackened red sea of chaos.



17.With such a last year suicide drama of Ruhan, do you think that what is going to come out of you next is going to be very different? Any idea about what the new material orientations could be or is too early to ask?


Ruhan’s death is no drama, we knew she was going to do it and were ready. We will join her at some point but if we do another album it is going to be under another name. It will be very different, way more concise because she was the chaos bringer; Emir and me are more ordered. Too early to ask about what we might do in regards to this project but Emir’s new Yayla album is done and it sounds kind of like the latest Blighted, but way more melancholic.



18.Anything else you'd like to mention Merdümgiriz? What can we expect from Blliigghhtted  in the near future? What is your master plan? Ok, that's about it... hope you enjoyed this interview a little bit. Take care and all the best!


Emir is doing a summer tour for Blighted by himself in London, Istanbul, Odessa and Kiev. I am not touring with him as I think being on stage is a disgusting thing. As I said, Blighted is finished composing and ITCOTW was the last album, no more albums under this name, a changed name can prove some new albums but we ain’t sure. My master plan is to burn a mosque and shoot myself in the back of a castle. I enjoyed the interview, thanks!







Cadaver Garden


1. Can you tell a little about how Blighted came to be?


Me and Merdumgiriz, two miserable, depressed artists were practicing our Yayla and Viranesir songs. We had just finished our first feature length film which you can check here:


Seemingly out of nowhere, this girl called Ruhan showed up to our practice and told us that she was a follower and wanted to play with us, just like a ghost she came and lit up our blighted lives with her philosophy, wisdom, art and vanished last december.


2. What was the driving force to create such a unique and different style of metal?


It is not like we consciously make the choice to be different, we play a lot and when we are playing we (at least me) want to explore different emotions and thoughts so for that we automatically play differently every time. It was really important for Ruhan to be different though. Ruhan was a practitioner and philosopher of Satanism and she really liked black metal, however she hated this “orthodox” movement and she thought it was a joke, an idea done weakly. I always hated it as well and thought it was just a fake and obvious mask that those copycat bands choose to package their art with. I was also not very familiar with theology back then and thought what I heard was usually mumbo jumbo. But after many teachings by Ruhan, I just came to the conclusion that dark spirituality is the same as a genre of music, it is a framework to expand the mind and can be used as a totally unique way of seeing things that I could relate to. But just like any religion, genre of art or any sort of “form” it is an illusion and if one forgoes the importance of subjectivism, it becomes as filthy as any fucking establishment that most so called “Satanists” claim to want to destroy. She said that my art had magical qualities and she thought if she processed my musical abilities with her conceptual and theological ideas, we could make something unique and reattribute our hatred for all these scenester bands and fake pilgrims into Satanic Black Metal done uniquely - making sense to us.



3. Blighted among other bands on the label can be described as "controversial". Is that a direction that you've always wanted to go in, or are a lot of the themes misconstrued?


I noticed two kinds of people in life, those who have moral values and those who don’t. I fall under the second category and get disgusted by people who are in the first category. NOTHING is “morally” wrong or right for me and there are no objective “values”. Before Ruhan came into my life, I was the same, but it was not as clear to my rational thought as to why. I was for extreme freedom of speech and anything could have been a joke subject to me back then and I actually used to get very offended from censorship, but never understood why. I was also very comfortable around people who never had any moral values, and I always laughed hard when people made jokes in tragic circumstances and push people out of their comfort zones. After my many conversations and artistic ventures with Ruhan, I understood that I am seeing life for what it really is, a fucking slaughterhouse. Everybody is involved in the insanity that is this existence, all humans, animals, plants, life forms, non-living things; everything is doing the same thing and fuck all of them. A rock can fall on you and fuck you up, and animal can fuck you up, a plant can, a virus, and vice-versa. Nothing and nobody is ever free from hurting each other, therefore everything is fucking evil and deserves suffering to me. Being in a moral high ground is the thing that disgusts me the most; it is a license to kill. Moralism is a depot of remedy pills to take after you do something terrible to free yourself from the burden of guilt, having done something you wish wasn’t done upon you. I love nihilistic people who have no moral values and I want to push these other “righteous” people into places that they cry. I want to see people when their children die, that they get raped, tortured, lose limbs, die of diseases and hunger. It is quite easy making them get into that tough mindset with my art, so I make it and push the boundaries every time. Funny thing is, the most sensitive and relatively least harmful people feel comfort when they see my work, while those fascist scumbags preaching from their moral high grounds as they kill get offended. Fuck those people, and I truly wish they suffered to sprinkle water on my burning heart. Misconstruction is a word that I do not put in my vocabulary, so as misinterpretation. People see what they want to see and it is all legit. As I explained some look at our lyrics and find light, some find blight. Some look at a fat bitch and see an ugly slab of filth, and some can’t get it hard unless the bitch is fat. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong.



4. Blighted is an intriguing band with a very unique style. Is there a certain path that you and the other members wanted to follow, or did you want it to take its own path?


Thank you for the kind words, well she really wanted to make different music than all those million disgusting “satanic” bands for sure, and there was no way I was going to make music like another band but it usually comes very natural to me to do things differently. We are hermits and pretty much hate everyone and at constant war with society, I get very offended by seeing everyone and when I am walking on the street and see all these happy people living out their righteous lives I just want to slash them to shreds. So it is not like we want to be a part of something, if anything we constantly want to separate ourselves from everyone and everything therefore I think it comes natural for our music to be very different from that of all those people we hate. I get disgusted when I feel I am a part of something, no matter what it is. That is my existential crisis. All our lyrics and music are our expression of this drive, so naturally it is very unique because it is about a futile endless effort to trying to break off from everyone and everything. Satanism is this for us, and utter hatred for existence that we are trapped in, an endless rebellion. Being successful or thriving or being a so called “king” in this existence is not of any importance to us, the only importance is the black fire that endlessly shrieks for separation. I think Ruhan didn’t want to put up with that useless futile crisis anymore and took her own life. But is death gona take one out of this shit existenz? All the lyrics of this album are about this.



5. What made Blighted tick? And on that same note, what makes the label tick and what are the ideals behind both band and label?


Relentless artistic freedom, DIY, individualism, anti-commercialism, pure art, experimentation. Being my own boss is the most important thing for me. Being able to eject myself from any situation that I do not want to be in and saying fuck you to things and people rather than trying to work things out for money, friendship, fame or whatever. Blighted comprised of people who were seeing the world through similar angles to me, which is an angle hated by most people. I hate professionalism or “working for the audience” and shit like that, fuck the audience, fuck money and fuck striving in this shit world I want relentless artists shoving their middle finger up the world’s ass, and I have them. The moment an artist becomes a faggot I kick them out. I kicked out many artists and so called Satanists from the label simply because they were simpletons. They were people who couldn’t even deal with some “words” I use while claiming to be extreme artists. Some so-called anti-cosmic Satanists that were on our roster said, “the world is ran by idiots and we can’t risk our career for being associated with you”. How anti-cosmic is that? Not being able to rebel against some faggot bloggers and pretending to take on the COSMOS… Fuck all those fake people. In Blighted, Merdumgiriz and Ruhan was even more extreme than me so it really worked out. Extremity is what makes the bands and label work. Anyone who faggots out gets kicked out.



6. Music is very expressive, and this new record is emotional much like other releases. Does the emotion ever seem to take a toll?


No it is a catharsis. As I said, we hate almost everything to a level that we can’t breathe normally. I live everyday like I am a being with human senses trapped inside the body of a sewer rat. Normal person might feel lucky to be alive in a western nation and can fear the idea of being trapped in a place like Isis where they can’t be “free”. Let me tell you that I feel trapped in Isis everyday in London/England. The things I stand for and want to explore are despised by society and they hate me for it and constantly prosecute me for it. I need to at least tell how I experience this world or I will not be able to function. I am barely functioning anyway I was really affected by Ruhan’s suicide, making an album about the way she saw this vomit of life was true catharsis for me. I used to be a junkie but don’t take any drugs or alcohol or cigarettes for two years now and this album really made me feel like I shot up some heroin. This is my addiction.



7. To conclude, are there any words that you would like to share or any final thoughts?


Thank you so much for all the support you have given to this band. I really like the way you review albums with expressive explanations rather than being a banal bitch like most reviewers. You sure are a part of the elite that sees the world beyond value judgments and the illusion of forms. More people like you and Ruhan would still be alive. I will oppress the fuck out of those who made my friend die till the day I die. Fuck life.


Jared Harrison





Black Metal Spirit


Good afternoon, thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions, how are things going for Namrun?


Good afternoon, I was in Namrun recently, its going well there very beautiful scenery, mighty mountains. Caverns where Typhoon nearly destroyed Zeus and castles that belonged to great empires. Many wars fought and dark electricity of the past in the air.



1. The band was created in 2014, why choose to create the band and how were the beginnings of Blliigghhtted?


Well, Emir & Merdumgiriz are always creating extreme music. I wanted to join forces with them to pursue my Kaos worship (Satanism) through their music. We were already working together in Viranesir but Viranesir is not my portal for spiritualism, so I requested we create Blliigghhtted in which I will be the main creative director and they agreed.



2. What are the main differences can be found between the listener and Viranesir Blliigghhtted, Yayla?


In my opinion Yayla is the best band among these and it is very melodic, monotonous black metal/ambient. It is daydream and meditation music with philosophical lyrics that can be used as portals to netherworlds. Viranesir is the craziest in terms of everything, it is impossible to describe its sound because they change the music every album, and subject matter is always very personal and extreme as well. Blliigghhtted is by far the most progressive of all and it is Satanic Black Metal worship. Although Emir and Merdumgiriz compose the music, I tell them what to do and write all the lyrics through which we base the whole thing upon so it is basically my project.



3. Can you explain a little bit the concept that encompasses Blliigghhtted name and why you decantasteis by this name?


Blliigghhtted is the interlacing of Blighted and Light. All came from the darkness of Kaos and all shall return to it and be one. Light represents cosmos but it being blighted means that we are using cosmic tools to represent an unhallowed philosophy; worship the light of Lucifer and follow the father of misanthropy.



4. Already in 2014 edit a first demo of a single issue of half-hour and for your recent "Zeroes" you maintain a similar line in terms of duration of issues, do you think that this time what matters is necessary to provide the ritualistic atmosphere and ceremonial music of your own or due to other reasons?


The demo was to see if we could do Satanic music with these guys and be an original band. I think we succeeded. Released it because it was good stuff, but it was more a test than a real product. Zeroes had a lot of planning involved with a full lyrical concept and long talks before starting recording. As I am the only true worshipper of Kaos within the band, I had a lot of time explaining shit to them to get them in the mindset. Music was not completely planned, as I wanted to conduct it, but 85 percent of it was ready and in line, then we just recorded it and I think it was really successful for what I wanted. I am getting very good at directing musicians and manifesting Satanic concepts through them, especially gifted and smart ones like Emir & Merdumgiriz.



5. The components of Blliigghhtted are three, I think not all related in a direct way with music, how is the process of writing and recording within the group and how you manage to capture the different influences into an album as "Zeroes"?


I give them concepts and texts to study and bleed into their music. They do this very quickly and come back to me. I listen to it all and decide what parts to use and let them know. Then we start rehearsing. Since I am just a half decent keyboard player, I don’t really know what I am doing in terms of all the music conduction but I am sure of what I want and somehow channel it with words and gestures, and since they have a deep respect to me, they try their honest and best efforts to execute it. The good things that come out of it end up being our albums.



6. What bands can you name as a clear influence on the sound of Blliigghhtted?


Not only the sound but also the concept and attitude is Dissection. They are the main band that I like us to base ourselves off from. Emir has a lot of old Deathspell Omega, Mortiis, Burzum influence in him, so as we. Merdumgiriz is more into experimental and progressive rock like Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and stuff, but he is a black metal worshipper as well and listenes a lot to Inquisition, Beherit, Behexen and stuff like that.



7. Ruhanathanas handles lyrics that revolve around the philosophy, and spirituality and a critical view of society and religion, why these topics are interesting for your lyrics?


Ruhanathanas is I, and I handle all the concepts. Well, I am a Kaos worshipper and base all my life around it, so it only makes sense that a project like Blliigghhtted is going to have those kinds of subject matter. Philosophy, spirituality, society and religion are the main things in which we work with death and that are what all human beings are here to do in my opinion. We are going to continue pursue the life-death duality and everything related to the end through our work, which is directly attacking those subjects.



8. How would you describe the sound of "Zeroes" for someone who still have not heard?


Never ending riffs and psychotic drums juxtaposed with hellish atmosphere and possessed vocals. Highly experimental progressive Satanic black metal.



9. Are you open to the possibility of incorporating new members to offer one day a concert with Blliigghhtted?


Yes, I really want to give concerts one day. But it has to be extreme in all ways possible, I want to make people so fired up that they start riots and satanic chaos on the streets. I want them to go to war and end the world through my concerts. This will never happen probably, but that will be my goal when going on stage if I ever do go on stage.



10. Who designed the album cover and how it relates to music?


It is a watercolor painting done by Emir. I told him to make couple fiercely burning trees in front of mountains of forests. He succeeded. It is an apocalyptic vision that perfectly relates to our Kaos worship.



11. How were your beginnings in music and why did you decide to become a musician? What other interests occupy your free time?


I live like a bum doing drugs and prostituting myself for food and shelter. I practice Satanism and dedicate my life to it in my free time. I seriously hate everyone and everything and want to burn the world, but I do not too many crimes because I really do not want to go to prison. Sometimes I can’t follow that rule very well because of my obsession with seeing things die, but thankfully Emir’s father is a very strong man in Turkey and helps us get through our troubles when things get too intense.



12. Merdümgiriz has dealt with the release of the album, but Merdümgiriz is a more ambitious project, what it is really Merdümgiriz and encompasses?


Merdumgiriz is an outlet for all the works of art that Emir wants to release basically. He makes everything with his hands, t-shirts patches, flags, posters, cassettes, CDs everything. He also releases the works of filmmakers, photographers, sculptors etc. He also recently signed many new metal bands like Sar Nath (Texas), Survival (Bay Area), Finstar (Austria).



13. What future plans do you have for Blliigghhtted of upcoming releases, publications, etc.?


We will release two more albums this year (2015). Both are already finished but you guys will have to wait. The first one is half metal half ambient with cavernous as fuck production. The metal part is way more cheerful and rocky than the previous albums; ambient part is very low-fi recorded with small 90ies keyboards. The second one is way more orthodox, but it’s still very progressive, full on melodic black metal (no keyboards whatsoever) and the best one we did so far. We are already working on the one after that which will be way more melancholic than the previous ones but continue in the vein of the one before that with more tight compositions and production.



14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Blliigghhtted, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.


Thank you so much for all your support for us and the other bands. True underground art never dies, thanks to people like you. Followers of Blliigghhtted, worship Kaos, cause terror, chaos, violence and destruction. Bring the end! Off yourselves!




answered by Ruhanathanas

to Fran Rocha Fernández





Occult Black Metal


1. For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band?

Blliigghhtted is a band that explores the history and philosophy of dark spirituality through audial mediums. It is a psychodrama in which we recreate great works of possessed art and mix them with our avant-garde visions both in essence and form.


2. Recently you have released a demo, how would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the recording?

I think you did a really good job when you said “Blliiigghhted creates a 30 minute track that is very ritualistic as well as remaining in a slow direction from beginning to end and you can hear a mixture of grim and depressive black metal in the vocals, doom metal and melodies in the guitars and a dark ambient and atmospheric background, the production  sounds very dark, while the lyrics cover Satanism and Luciferian themes.” I also would like to say that I really like your cut to the chase reviews in general.


3. On the demo, you did a 30 minute track, what was the decision behind creating a long song instead of putting out a recording that has shorter songs on it?

This is ceremonial music, and ceremonies take time.


4. On the album you had 3 different concepts "Macbeth" "The Sacrifice" and “Chaosophy", can you tell us a little bit more about fusing these 3 concepts together in a 30 minute track?

The influences of “Macbeth” by Shakspeare and “The Sacrifice” by Tarkovsky are purely in the title and the main instruments. “Which Of You Have Done This?” is what Macbeth utters to his lords when he sees the ghost of his victim while he is in their council. “Which Of You Have Done This? The Lords” is what Alexander utters to himself when he sees a miniature of the sacrifice in Tarkovsky’s “Offret”. The images that which create these uttering’s are both of the one tyrannical god in my opinion. Both these characters are mentally insane and are possessed by uncertainty. I wanted to connect their sublime uncertainty to their inner fire of Chaos rather than a mere lack of faith. I have given the boys the homework to study these concepts and works to spiritually interpret them with their instruments. Emir was to interpret Offret with his guitar while Deniz was to do Macbeth with the synth. They did a good job at the common theme of possession whilst preserving the Works’ unique qualities, namely depression and madness respectively.


5.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Blligghhtted'?

Interlacing of Blighted and Light.


6. Has this band done any live shows or is this strictly a studio project?

“The Lords” is an improvised and live recorded song actually. Only the best of our friends are accepted into these kinds of ceremonies. Emir told me he already received some live performance offers. Neither I nor Merdümgiriz wants to play to people we do not know.


7. Can you tell us a little bit more about the artwork that is presented on the album cover?

It’s stolen from a book called Kill Without Joy, which tells in detail how to process a murder. Those finger fighting daggers, purely used for murderous intention, can be linked to Macbeth, but let your mind and the magic of the work wrap your conscious rather than me elaborating.


8. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by those that have heard it so far?

I haven’t heard much feedback, its good so far. Some dumb losers who haven’t the slightest clue about the power of darkness have criticized the intensity and length of it, but I want to see their faces when we release our next album which will destroy goat cunts.


9. What is going on with some of the other musical or non musical projects these days that the band members are involved with?

We are, as you may know, a band called Viranesir on the more incestuous parts of our artistry, and we have made like 3 new albums to be released for it, one metal, two psych-synth punk. Emir has been working on a Yayla album since he released Nihaihayat, it is simply crazy so far, can’t wait for 2015. He will also release two anti-cinema masterpieces sooner. Deniz is working on a Destroyers Of History album that has to do with our master Atatürk.


10. Are there any other plans to release more albums or recordings with this band in the future?

We are recording an album called “Purge Me Satan”.


11. What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on this band?

Some that I can think right off the bat are; Abruptum, iLdjarn-Nidhogg, (purely the early incantations of) Deathspell Omega, Dissection, Inquisition, Haus Arafna, The Cure, Mortiis, Bethlehem, John Frusciante, Manierisme, Nenia C’Alladhan, Poésie Noire, Til Det Bergens Skyggene, Ulver, Velvet Cacoon.


12. What are some of the band members non musical interests?

Emir is spending a good amount of his days hand-making merchandise for his label and Deniz is doing promo for it. They are also surfing all day long pleasing their sick fantasies in deep web. I practice black arts.


13. Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?

Thanks so much for the interview John, fuck islam in the virgin cunt.



answered by Ruhanathanas

to John Larsen